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  1. Noli

    Help - Bad Motor on Pentair CHII-N1-1-1/2F

    This is my 3rd season owning a pool in Maryland. I'm the 3rd owner - not sure of the pump's age but the motor is making very strange noises so I shut her down. (n) Does anyone have info on rebuild parts/video? I've never done this before so I would need direction. If I decide to purchase a...
  2. Noli

    Few Questions From a Rookie in Maryland

    Bought a home with a pool - first season owner. My pump (Pentair CHII-NI-1-1/2F) appears to have a few leaks. In the picture below, I have a pretty decent leak. I also have a much slower leak that appears to be coming from a bolt from the opposite side of the pump. Couldn't insert the...
  3. Noli

    Hello from Maryland (New Owner of Used Pool)

    Hello!! Noli here from Maryland. This is my first post and I believe that I have the important info in my signature. Anyways... On a crazy whim last Fall, my wife of 12 years and 10-year old son decided to move from a townhouse to a single family home in our same neighborhood because of the...