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    Intex Sight Glass Removal

    How do I get that sight glass off my Intex Sand Pump. I have not seen any answers specific to the I:geek:ntex pump
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    sight glass green

    I have noticed in last week my sight glass on my intex sand filter is greenish and looking bad. I have backwashed 2x and rinsed but that still is green. Pool is perfectly clear any have any answers about that? Is there ever an occasion to open the filter and look that way? Please
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    Heater Suggestions Needed

    I am looking for suggestion on adding a heater my Intex 18 x 52 ultra frame. Mainly for comfort and to be able to swim year round. Any and all welcome
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    If its not one thing its everything HELP

    Need some hard-core advice. Due to situations out of my control we had to move in December after building a deck and hard piping my Intex 16’ x 48 ultra frame. Due to insane weather & the move at hand the pool & sand filter I had did not make it. So, I had to go back to the drawing board. Now at...
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    Harvey is killing us in Houston Need Suggestions

    Well don’t really even know what today regarding Harvey and the devastation it caused. I am in Houston proper and right now have managed to avoid evacuation & getting water in my house. It has been pretty much a constant effort to divert the water from coming in. Last week I asked the question...
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    Tropical Storm Harvey coming, to cover or not?

    I need some good quick advice on whether or not to cover the pool during a tropical storm. I live in Houston TX and they are predicting Harvey will make land south West of us which leave s us on the dirty side of the storm. Not so much a wind storm as they are predicting torrential rains &...
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    Ladder advice please

    Can anyone recommend a goo, safe & sturdy In-pool ladder ?
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    Haywood eyel not enough thread & what will fit original rubber outlets

    I wanted to install the eye inlet that came with the Hayward SP1091LX Dyna-Skim and replace the one that came with pool. Once i went through the hassle i realized that there was not enough thread to catch so that i could reinstall to my filter pump.I know there has to be a solution and it is...
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    Skimmer In , Hard Plummed Salt added Thank you

    I really want to thank all you guys. I know i could not have done what I did with out you. My numbers before I added my salt FC-8.5 I added liquid Chlorine last night after adding stabilizer CC- 5 PH- 7.2 TA- 10 CH- Not taken CYA-40 Next finish Deck and figure out how to hook up auto cleaner...
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    2 outlets on the 16' x 48'' no connectors

    PANICKED I feel like i am missing a box. Do I have to purchase connectors? My outlet plunger is on a T to receive form these outlets but nothing to connect to the pool & down. Don't even know how to begin. Was getting in to install Haywood YIKES:eek:
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    POOL UP< NOW Install Equipment & start Chemicals HELP

    OK I got the hard labor done. Pool is up and half way filled with water. I guess it is time to set up equipment and start the fun. Please let me know that my order of install is correct and that i have a clue on line order of where equipment goes. I believe first :confused: I have to install...
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    Leveling & pavers driving me to...............

    Please help on this i have read so many links and I know I am over thinking but, Do the pavers for the legs get sunk level with land or do i only sink so they are level with foam board? Do i tape the foam board to pad sitting on ground? Do I tape anything to the bottom of the pool ? This one...
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    Needing to purchase Thru-the-Wall Skimmer

    Please any suggestions on which thru the wall skimmer to purchase? I was looking at an old post Useful links for fellow Intex Pool Owners specifically Adding a Hayward Thru-the-Wall Skimmer it was from 2014 but photos no longer available. Nervous enough about all I have undertaken but because of...
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    Do Over Do Right I hope

    I just began my quest to build a deck around the new pool with new equipment that I got on crazy sales. My pool from last season rusted out bad and the pool also gave way not being leveled correctly. This time i will do it right. The weather was against me but I managed to level the yard in the...
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    Insights and knowledge needed on this do-over journey.

    I had to take down the pool I had due to severe rust. I have purchased a Intex 16' x 48" Ultra Frame Krystal Clear Cartridge Filter pump 1,500 gph as well as a Intex Krystal Clear Sand Filter Pump for Above Ground Pools, 3000 GPH Pump Flow Rate, 110-120V with GFCI. I am going to attempt to put...
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    Upgrading need advice

    I currently have a Intex 14' x 42" Ultra Frame Above Ground Swimming Pool with Filter Pump I added a Intex Krystal Clear Saltwater System for Above-Ground Pools up to 7,000 Gallons and a Intex Krystal Wall Mount Surface Skimmer. I had severe rust on the frame and my mate thinks the frame is...
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    Has the riddle been answered

    Has the problem of the wall mount skimmer by intex rising up ever be solved
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    Just installed now when

    I just installed a Intex Krystal Clear saltwater system , added my salt and i am on hour 8 when do I add my CYA before or after I turn on the SWG?
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    My plug wont get hot

    My plug to the pump GFCI plug of course that goes into a GFCI outlet wont get hot. I believe it may have gotten Houston Rain wet Can I dry it out by opening the back or do I just wait? Many Thanks & Great Days to All Miniman · 4163 gal,AG INTEX® 14' x 42" Round Ultra Frame Pool...
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    Newbie excited to make a move

    Hello to all. I need to develop my signature so as not to always tell you I have a · INTEX® 14' x 42" Round Ultra Frame Pool, 110-120V Krystal Clear cartridge filter pump Pump flow rate: 1,000 gallons After being on the site last weekend and seeing posts regarding converting to...