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  1. jeqwerty1969

    CYA Test (50 ppm reference images)

    For anyone else who is as frustrated by the uncertainty involved in the CYA test, here are some images to help reassure, at least. Obviously, everyone's vision is different and images are only so good, but comparison helps. When they say keep the sun behind you, it's more than "make sure it's...
  2. jeqwerty1969

    First SLAM

    I just got my new filter cartridges and plumbing tip-top so I'm about to SLAM the tap water refill (I drained it dry). FYI I added 2 gallons of 10% chlorine and 10 crushed pucks a few days ago to hold me over while waiting on filter parts. This (with the solar cover on) gave me the FC and CYA...
  3. jeqwerty1969

    PSA: Hayward Tristar Union Fittings (SPX3200UNKIT) are 2-1/2" OD (listed as 2" fittings)

    So, I did a thing, and now I need to cement in a new union, which for an SP3220 is Hayward SPX3200UNKIT and every source lists it as a 2" union. The unsettling part is that my unions measure 2 1/4 ID. In a few days I'll find out. The local supplier wants $50 for a pair of them, so filtration...
  4. jeqwerty1969

    Cracked and Rusty Artificial Stone Repair

    Recently acquired property- I need to do something about these for safety's sake, even if it doesn't look perfect. Is just adding some quikrete and stain ok or is there a specific process I need to follow?
  5. jeqwerty1969

    My First Test Results

    I recently moved and acquired a salt water pool that had been pucked for years and "maintained" for a while but I just got my TF-100 today so I'm ready to get things under control. Some of the results seem so far out of bounds that I question my own abilities, but hopefully I'm on the right...
  6. jeqwerty1969

    New Product: Hayward OmniPL

    Has anyone heard of this yet? The brochure is new and the only trace of its existence I can find: It sounds like an updated but simpler Omni Logic. UPDATE: As of 5/11/2020 it appears to be...
  7. jeqwerty1969

    Can I add connectivity to Aqua Logic or must I upgrade everything?

    Hi everybody, I'm so glad to have found this place and I've been learning from the firehose since I moved into a new place with a 2004 SWG setup. My first question is the most important before I spend some serious change on a new system, so I hope someone has experience with this dilemma. The...