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  1. pickardc

    Hayward H Series Heater Back Pressure

    I have a newly installed Hayward H Series heater. My PB was out with the Hayward rep and struggled to get it going. They were finally able to get it flowing by shutting the return jets 90% and diverting to the water slide which is a smaller diameter pipe. The tech said the reason was that the...
  2. pickardc

    VSP dropping RPM

    I have a Hayward VSP that not matter what speed it runs at will drop RPM for a second every few min or so and then go right back to full speed. Its enough if a drop to cause the Heater to report low flow and occasionally the flow sensor as well. I checked the voltage come into the pump and its...
  3. pickardc

    Initial Pool Start up

    Moved from here. I am also a new pool owner, like JW1 we had ours installed in October and Closed before it was every started up. The pool was never brought in balance after install basically the installed tested everything and then immediately winterized it. I Live in MI (48363) I am trying to...