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  1. borjis

    Bleach - Check your date code

    This is typical unfortunately. Many have noticed the hdx pallets stored outside in direct sun. It ends up less than the percentage you paid for. I store my bleach inside the laundry room. Garage gets too hot and degrades it further. In this case, heat is the enemy.
  2. borjis

    Filter blew at seam

    Hey before you buy another one, contact Hayward. A few folks here were able to get out of warranty replacements at no cost. They had a run of defective vessels. They all split at the seam, just like yours.
  3. borjis

    Re-using a dead solar cover - still worth it if bubbles are broken?

    I don't love having to get the cover on and off, but it is a necessity in my region. It pretty much maintains 83 degrees in the summer with a cover. Definitely worth it for me and a lower gas heating bill to bump it up to 85 every few days
  4. borjis

    Too much suction

    I use that regulator as well. You attach it to your skimmer inlet, then attach the vac hose to it.
  5. borjis

    Re-using a dead solar cover - still worth it if bubbles are broken?

    As far as I can tell the only real difference of clear vs blue covers, the blue keeps the sun from consuming more chlorine. The clear let's it through.
  6. borjis

    Pool robot not climbing walls

    That should be ok to try. Recently did that with a battery powered hand held vac that has a greatly diminished suction lately.
  7. borjis

    Questions about deck repainting and acid washing.

    Good stuff and what the previous owners used at my place. Just picked up a gallon yesterday. I do what bdavis suggests. I had some moss growth under my cantilever coping and a little on the sides. Used a hand scrub brush and went around the edges. Not fun, but effective. Too dangerous to...
  8. borjis

    Pump GFCI breaker trips when bonding wire attached

    Yes that wiring definitely doesn't look good in its current state. Cleaned contacts with freshly stripped wire and new connectors are in order. I would do all of them if that was how mine looked.
  9. borjis

    Skimmer basket not holding prime

    Do you mean skimmer at the pool or the pump basket at the equipment.
  10. borjis

    Growing stain farm

    Seems organic coming from the tree. Iirc try a chlorine puck on the stain for a few minutes. Read up on organic stain removal in pool school.
  11. borjis

    Decreased Skimmer Effectiveness

    They should be pointed in such a way that a circular movement happens on the surface. It can be clockwise or counter clock, whichever works best. I've done this with two pools and worked well.
  12. borjis

    Vinyl Replacement Cost

    Regional pricing into account and pool size, that doesn't sound too bad. The water seems expensive but I've not had to do that.
  13. borjis

    Splashless Clorox

    Maybe a week or two at most. You'll just have to ride it out. Nothing but time will reduce it, that I'm aware of.
  14. borjis

    Solar Cover Disintegrated

    At the very end of season 3 mine had started falling apart. I tried for a fourth but those blue circles where everywhere, Everytime I took the cover off. I covered it on the roller most of the time.
  15. borjis

    Splashless Clorox

    You're fine to swim You'll just have to wait til the suds subside for it to go away. Now you know :)
  16. borjis

    Iron stains AA plus Metal Magic?

    Nice! What is your pH now with cloudy water? Where was it at before the cloud?
  17. borjis

    Electric shock when SWG is on

    Ya the whole flip the breaker making it safer is false most of the time. If my pool was doing this there would be no swimming until it's resolved. Too risky in my opinion.
  18. borjis

    Electric shock when SWG is on

    Ya something seems to be wrong with your bonding system as well as a power leak of some kind.
  19. borjis

    Why am I Losing prime/head while vacuuming? arrrgh!!!

    Looks like your pool could really use an ascorbic acid treatment.
  20. borjis

    Iron stains AA plus Metal Magic?

    Keeping a close eye on this. I have the exact same issue, city water with trace iron. I've decided to wait until next spring opening to do this procedure to minimize any algae issues before swim season. It's going to be mid 90's to 100+ the next two weeks, I can wait. :) I love all the sea...
  21. borjis

    Advice on how to keep garter snakes out of our heat pump?

    Maybe some sort of screen material taped so the holes pass water but not little snakes?
  22. borjis

    Just started SLAM #3 this season...what am I doing wrong?

    Aha! You have to run the pump 24/7 during the slam. I would think low speed would not be sufficient for good solid circulation during the slam. Perhaps that's why yours is recurring. Do keep an eye on the pressure gauge.
  23. borjis

    Just started SLAM #3 this season...what am I doing wrong?

    You said you brushed. That's good and a very important step some don't care to do. The robot should not be considered enough on its own to substitute any brushing though. You mentioned cleaning around the light. Might be time to pull it out of the niche and thoroughly clean it. It's been a...
  24. borjis

    Adding mod-lights to an inground steel panel pool - help!

    Wouldn't you have to remove backfill to get to the wiring on the backside? No expert, but sounds risky.
  25. borjis

    Greetings from germany

    Beautiful garden.
  26. borjis

    Iron stains AA plus Metal Magic?

    I'm in the same situation. I just got some vitamin c crushed in a sock and darn near instant lifted the light stain! My 4 year old liner that I thought was premature fading looks brand new where I had the sock. I'd read that too, that the metal can be filtered. My plan is to:. Use Jack's magic...
  27. borjis

    Repair Main Drain or Vinyl Over?

    Having owned pools with and without main drain, I concur with Mknauss. Cover it.
  28. borjis

    Solar panel leak

    Nice! I had to plug a hole in my panel from a firework that landed on it hot. I could be wrong, but if it helps your panels look like the exact ones I had. The brand was Solar Industries out of Arizona.
  29. borjis

    Going through a 128 oz 10% bleach daily, is this normal?

    I know I go through more chlorine at cya 30 than 50. So that's my set level that works best. At that level I go through about 1-2 gallons a week. Pool is covered most of the time and that helps.
  30. borjis

    Water boatmen - at my wits end

    I get 1-3 of them once in awhile. Can't imagine the frustration of trying to fish out many more. Had one the other day. Thought I got it out, then put the solar cover on. Putting the flap in by the ladder and the bug swims up to surface to say "missed me!" Argh