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  1. Steve_in_C

    Stenner liquid chlorine pump - How to choose and install

    Similar. Any peristaltic pump should work. However, you need to be sure you can get the pump tubes and that the pumps are reliable. Stenner pumps and parts are all over the Internet / eBay / Amazon. There's once on eBay now for $207 + $10 shipping. STENNER PUMP 85MHP40 / 85MHP40 (NEW IN...
  2. Steve_in_C

    Stenner liquid chlorine pump - How to choose and install

    I haven't personally had any cracks but others have told me that the compression nuts for the tubing will crack secondary to sun exposure. As long as you look a them annually, you could just replace if they start to fail
  3. Steve_in_C

    Does anyone have experience with an AGP from MGK Pools

    You NEED to read these Yelp reviews.
  4. Steve_in_C

    Glass tube pool heater

    Before you install that I'd make sure it has enough heat capacity to be worthwhile. From the this manufacturers website (below), the 20 tube model produces a maximum of 5000 BTU/hr and the 30 tube 7500 BTU/hr. By comparison, many gas pool heaters produce 100,000 - 400,000 BTU/hr. You would...
  5. Steve_in_C

    Trouble getting bleach

    I'd call ACR Products, Inc, a supplier of industrial cleaning products in Easton, PA and ask them for a source of bleach in 5 gallon carboys. If they don't have it, I bet they know who does.
  6. Steve_in_C

    Delay pool opening?

    You should not delay opening your pool. A SWG is the best unless you have a reason you can't use one (such as rules against discharge of salt water, pool made from corrosion prone materials, etc). For bleach, you should call Hydrite, a Wisconsin bleach manufacturer, and ask for one of their...
  7. Steve_in_C

    Water Guru

    I agree with Marty. You should have your own test kit and make sure that your Waterguru is giving you dependable numbers. I can't imagine having a pool without a proper test kit. Once I had a track record with mine, I cut back my testing to once every couple of weeks to make sure it's reading...
  8. Steve_in_C

    Water Guru

    The Waterguru SENSE only does FC, pH, and temperature. The other chemistries are obtained by sending them a water sample. I too find that the FC and pH are in line with my Taylor tests.
  9. Steve_in_C

    Bleach shortage

    The company gets bleach in bulk. The concentration from their source varies some from batch to batch. I have only Lowes here, no Home Depot. Grocery stores, Walmart, a Sams club is not that far (but their bleach is tradename Clorox with Chloramax).
  10. Steve_in_C

    Bleach shortage

    It was enough of an effort for me to drive to Raleigh to get the bleach, I got enough to take me through much of this season. I'm going to go high on my CYA to try to use less bleach. I hope to have enough for more than half the season. I chlorinate through October. This needs to last me...
  11. Steve_in_C

    Automated Liquid Chlorination system

    I don't really think that there is a concern over 120V with the Stenner. The pump turns a metal shaft to which a plastic frame is attached. Then there are plastic rollers and a plastic tube. Many layers of insulation between the voltage source and the eletrolyte solutioni (bleach). Doesn't...
  12. Steve_in_C

    Bleach shortage

    2020 North Carolina bleach situation. I could not find bleach, nor order bleach. First it was the Tennessee tornadoes March 4. Walmart was diverting their resources to those stores. Then COVID came along. I finally drove to Raleigh to a pressure washer store. They had bleach in 5 gallon...
  13. Steve_in_C

    Water Guru

    WaterGuru is using an FC goal of 3% of CYA and a low phosphorous goal of <500. Looking at the graphs, it appears that the FC measuring range is 0-10. Using TFP goals of 7.5% of CYA up to 60 for manually chlorinated pools and 70-80 for SWG pools, it would only need to measure up to 9 to handle...
  14. Steve_in_C

    WaterGuru - A Test

    I never had problems with them but have not called them in the "off season". I'm using the Waterguru to give me readings after the pool has been covered with a mesh cover. Continuing to chlorinate since water temps are still 65 degrees. Adding 0.15ppm of chlorine per day with peristaltic pump.
  15. Steve_in_C

    My install process

    Looks great!
  16. Steve_in_C

    Anyone Using a Mesh Winter Cover?

    Mesh cover for me. But I don't really have significant snow/ice issues. The only thing that gets through the mesh cover is pollen. When I open there is sometimes a "bathtub ring" of pollen around the pool. I chlorinate until reliably below 60 degrees and start back chlorinating when I hit 60...
  17. Steve_in_C

    How cold of water will you swim in?

    75 degrees
  18. Steve_in_C

    Best Thermal "Cover"?

    I use a standard 4 mil clear bubble cover and get 4-5 degrees hotter with it. Don't buy a thick one. It won't last any longer. About 2 years is what you get and a thick one is too heavy. You will need a roller or some way to take off, put on easily - or you won't use it.
  19. Steve_in_C

    WaterGuru - A Test

    Finished my first 2 months with Waterguru. The results are accurate enough that I have stopped testing FC and pH. I'm now only testing when I check everything (major rain, hurricane, etc). I do not check everything very often - maybe every 2 months. The FC range recommended by Waterguru is...
  20. Steve_in_C

    How much FC should I lose each day / overnight

    I don't have any experience with a hot tub. I would be concerned about the shelf life of your 13% bleach. It will degrade quickly. Since your bleach may already be degraded, this may be the reason that you are not getting the expected FC change. Bleach that's about 5% will last a long...
  21. Steve_in_C

    Preferred Time of Year to Add Borates?

    My pH stays around 7.6 with borates.
  22. Steve_in_C

    Partially Burried AGP

    I buried mine. However the manufacturer recommends it and it is made of aluminum. I'm not sure that I would bury a steel pool because of rust. You will need a way to get rid of the dirt. Local rental places may rent you a mini excavator. Be sure that you do not over excavate. The soil...
  23. Steve_in_C

    In-ground Off-season Pool cover to transform pool into usable space

    It would take something fairly substancial to hold up the weight of people walking on it. You have a 16 foot span to cross. You might be able to get a carpenter to make a cover that would go on in sections. However it would be heavy. Something made of aluminum would be more usable. Anything...
  24. Steve_in_C

    Stenner liquid chlorine pump - How to choose and install

    Not being familiar with solenoid dosing pumps, I assume that you can set it down with a timer or some type of control. The lowest value listed for the models on your data sheet shows 1 liter / hour. Since your usage is 1-1.25 liters per day, I would think that the lowest volume model would...
  25. Steve_in_C

    WaterGuru - A Test

    Here is my Waterguru lab sample report. Mailed Tuesday AM 7/23 from NC to CA. Resulted Friday 7/26 PM. The vial was rinsed with pool water several times, the sample was collected from water that had been circulating 15-20" below the surface. It was capped under water to keep out air and...
  26. Steve_in_C

    ICO - My smart pool partner

    Waterguru does not use ORP testing for FC. Testing is "proprietary". Other tests (sent to Waterguru in a test tub of pool water) are test using a spectrophotometic analysis. I envision a real spectrophotometer, not a ColorQ. Perhaps thay have calibrated a laboatory grade spectrophotometer...
  27. Steve_in_C

    Buying pool chemicals

    Don't buy the blend. Buy the Calcium chloride crystals (first choice) : no mangesium or other metals.
  28. Steve_in_C

    Salt vs Chlorine

    Yes. But you have a VS pump. rllackey has a fixed rate pump that runs and draws the same thing all the time.
  29. Steve_in_C

    Salt vs Chlorine

    I second that. My pump currently is running 3 hours a day. Water is crystal clear. You are running your pump 21 hours a day more than me. I recommend that you install a timeclock for your pump or that you change to a VS pump (best option). With a SWG, you will have to run the pump long...
  30. Steve_in_C

    Salt vs Chlorine

    Comment on post #25 Electricity cost in Williamson, WV for residential customers is $0.0957/kwh 20 hours per day of uncecessary pump run time for a 1.5KW pump is 30KWH per day. If you run it for 6 months: 30KWH/day x 180 days...