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    Spa Blower Help needed -pics attached!

    First of all, thanks again to all in this invaluable forum. We're over a year into our build, and have water in the pool, and nearly everything complete. However, I cannot get attention from my pool builder and am past the point of frustration. I got a verbal agreement from her to have the...
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    Decided against proceeding with Borates -- want to buy my unopened 5Gal Granulated Boric Acid from DudaDiesel?

    Hi everyone. First apologies if this is the wrong forum to offer an item for sale. After a reading in much depth (particularly on the thread here, and after having ordered a 5 Gal bucket of granulated Boric Acid, I've decided against proceeding with Borates for my water. I don't know what it...
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    NW Austin IG Construction -- here we go!

    Hello again everyone. The PB came out yesterday to mark the pool, excavation planned to start next week. Here are some of the details of my pool from my previous thread: About-to-ink-What-do-you-think. We're still deciding on the decking material (but have to do so soon, probably concrete...
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    About to ink -- What do you think?

    Hello Everyone! First, let me say thanks to the community, as I've educated myself quite a bit with regard to pool equipment, SWG, contracts, drains, chemicals, etc. We're building an in ground pool and extending our existing outdoor living area to add a kitchen, all here in Austin, TX. We've...
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    New to forum, pricing out pool+outdoor living expansion in Austin

    Hello everyone! I'm new to the forum, found it when doing some google homework on pool equipment. An awesome resource, just what I was looking for! We're in the process of having a pool and outdoor living area expansion quoted out. Have spoken to 5 different pool companies and 3 outdoor...