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    Looking for build pics for a blog article!

    Hey all, as many of you know, I work with PoolSupplyWorld. I am really excited because I recently got a promotion to Director of Content Marketing. In the past, my responsibilities included only social media channels, but now I will also have a lot on influence on our blog content. One thing I...
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    Then I found TFP

    Sorry, this was too fun not to share...
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    MY bacon turtles!

    I know there is another thread about these, but I wanted to share my experience making them! 1) weave bacon (the thicker the bacon, the easier this is) 2) add the first burger patty 3) add cheese and prepare the second patty (I used sharp cheddar and pepper jack and it was AMAZING) 4) add...
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    How to add pictures to a post (full guide with screenshots)

    I have seen this question asked many times on the forum, and have yet to find one centralized (simple) explanation of the process. I am creating this thread so I can link people to it when they need help adding photos (rather than having to type directions every time). If there is already a...
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    K-2006 : how high can it (accurately) measure FC?

    Just curious, what is the highest FC that the Taylor K-2006 test kit can measure? I checked out 'Test Kits Compared,' searched the forum, and searched google, and could not find a definitive answer. Thanks guys!
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    Woohoo for a TFP plug on YouTube!

    Hey guys, I was on YouTube today trying to find a good video of the 9100. I noticed the CafePress advertisement was showcasing the TFP Stein so I snapped a screenshot. :whoot: Not that a random person on YT would recognize the logo...but I still thought it was pretty cool! 8-) PS: After...
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    Blakej says hello! :)

    Hey everyone, just wanted to introduce myself! My name is Blake and I work in the industry. Happy to be a part of the TFP forums. I look forward to helping other with their questions; and building my own knowledge base. :)