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    FAS/DPD Test at high Slam levels

    Can this test be cut in half using 5ml of water? My FC is over 20 currently during slam
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    SWCG Run time and % - North Texas

    I’m curious what others do for daily runtime and % for their SWCG in North Texas or other similar areas. What level of FC are you maintaining with those settings and what salt level? Thank you.
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    CYA and Slam

    Salt pool need slam and CYA is 40. Should I raise the CYA up to 60-70 before I slam? Or should I slam at those rates and then raise it? Thx for feedback.
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    Problems - First round with TFT kit

    Here are my current numbers. Ph 7.5 FC 1 CC 1 TA 90 CYA 20 CH 425 Thanks for any input!
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    2019 Hayward 500,000btu Natural Gas Heater - Mode Issues

    I have a new heater thats been working fine until yesterday following a visit from the pool service team. Yesterday evening I could not get it to come on. It was showing code "60" or "bo" so I did what it says to put it back in manual use. It started working today fine in manual mode. How do...
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    Hello - Frisco Tx

    Have been reading this site for a couple years and finally started our project today. Looking forward to sharing the progress and continuing to watch other projects.
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    New Build Frisco TX

    Work Day 1 .....Dig begins