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    main drain plumbing?

    Going through some on my build pics. Whats with the 3 PVC pipes for the main drain?
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    increase CC with rain?

    Will lots of rain cause you to have CC's? Just saw that I have .5 of CC. I know thats acceptable, but Im wondering if this is the beginning of algae since we got about 6" of rain on Sat and Sun. My FC is hovering around 6.
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    Power outage

    Summer time is here and also bad storms and hurricanes for us in Florida. When the power goes out is your chlorine level the most important chemical to maintain?
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    TF 100 CYA

    It appear the little dropper for the CYA test takes 15ml of water and 14ml of cyanuric acid. can you cut these amounts down equally, 7.5 & 7 respectively? Based on this amount, it should give a CYA reading of atleast 30 reason I ask is I’m almost through my entire bottle of acid for cya testing.
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    Frog Remedies?

    I guess the storm in the Gulf is creating havoc here in Florida! Just woke up to this. 20+ frogs in the pool. Majority are dead. Now I have frog eggs every where (black splotches near return.) Do I need to brush everything towards main drain? Run my robot? Dump some chlorine in pool (current...
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    Salt end point?

    Is my end point the 16th or 17th drop?
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    Chlorine consumption?

    Let’s assume all your chemical levels are in order and your pool gets the same amount of sun every day. Does your pool consume more chlorine when the outside temperature is 90 degrees VS when the outside temperature is 80, 75, etc ?
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    Same thing as a SLAM?

    Just came across this. Guessing its the same as a SLAM? Only thing they mention is the CYA needs to be between 1-15 ppm. Thats an entire pool drain!
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    Cartridge replacement?

    When do you know it's time to replace a cartridge filter? After I clean the filter and pump basket, my pump always shows 14 psi. This morning after cleaning the filter, I put everything back and kept the filter out of the housing. The pump was showing 14 psi. Is this normal? I figured the PSI...
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    CSI vs PH

    Whats more important. Your CSI or PH level? Using pool math, I see that the PH has a significant value to what your CSI ends up being. Based on my chemical levels, my PH needs to be between 7.6 and 7.8 to have a CSI of -.15 to +.03
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    High FC with new test kit?

    Been using local pool stores and my Lamotte Color Q for testing the water. When testing the FC, between the pool store and my color q, I was always within 1-2 ppm different which usually fell around 4-6 ppm. Now I just got the TF 100 kit and Im getting a reading of 9- 11 ppm FC. Based on my...
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    Screw help?

    So yesterday while cleaning out the pump basket, I always reach in and clean the hair from the impeller as well. Well, I noticed something was loose in there and took this picture. Apparently this screw backed it self out several threads. Trying to screw it back it I realized its reverse thread...
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    TF 100 questions

    Just got the kit in the other day and I have a few questions.. Chlorine Drop Test- What is considered a "heaping scoop"? When adding the R-0871 drop to get the liquid to clear, is this "clear" a little cloudy and then you stop? Right now Im at 8-9 ppm on chlorine :unsure: Calcium Hardness...
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    Almost here!

    TF 100 kit and other goodies are almost here. Im like a kid on xmas morning.. Any tips or tricks for using this?
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    Time has come!

    Ive had my Lamotte digital tester for about 8 months now. It appeared to be working fine. But now things are getting way out of whack... Or so it seems. Just had the pool guy come out to swap my motor out under warranty. While he was here I had him test the water. His unit said my CH was too...
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    white flakes?

    I noticed tonight when I was stirring up the bottom of the pool with my feet there were numerous small white flakes every where. It sorta looked like dandruff, but bigger. I did add 10 oz of stabilizer yesterday to my skimmer. Not sure if this is the result? Also, pool was built in June '19. I...
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    return eyeball sizes

    Right now I have 6 returns. 5 of them have 1/2 eyeballs and 1 of them is 3/4". On a clean filter, skimmer, and pump basket I am about 13 psi at startup. Will going with all 3/4" returns do more harm than good? Does the pump need a little back pressure to work properly? Pros and Cons to doing this?
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    2 filters not good?

    Was at the pool shop talking with the owner. i told him I have 2 cartridge filters. When I take one out. I put the clean one in and clean the one I just took out. He said thats a big no no. Take filter out, clean it and put it back in. Reason is the one that sits out in the sun drys out and the...
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    more pump run time?

    Got my new salt cell installed after issues with my other one.. Anyhow, today I measured my FC and got 3.5 at 8am measured again at 12pm and got 4.0 measured again at 7pm (same day) and got 3.5 Salt cell was at 100% out put, which gives me .93lbs of chlorine per 24hr period. Is it normal to...
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    More Jandy pump issues

    Heres the newest issue. In addition to the squealing like a pig noise (which my local Jandy warranty guy said is normal. Pump is showing its age! Hello, pump is 5 months old ) now the salt cell has no flow or check cell? WTF ?!?!?! Pump is only 5 months old! This is getting ridiculous. When...
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    Solar cover lowering CYA?

    I installed a solar cover about 2 weeks ago. CYA was always around 75ish. Tested the water again today and CYA was 55. No rain, no water added, no other chems added. On a side note I did notice my chlorine level go up about 2.5 ppm :) Guess I need to back down the SWG.
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    Thoughts for a bar table

    Just took the screen down on my porch. I would like to build a small bar table between the wall and post (8’ wide) What ideas do some of you folks have?
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    Pump basket seal powder

    Seriously... Looks like my pump basket is doing cocaine lines and I got no invite lol... Anyways, what is this white flaky dust that was around the top of my pump basket seal? I’ve never seen it before.
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    Firework stain

    Just saw that I had several clumps of a brown substance in my pool. Went to scrub it away and realized it was clay from the fireworks last night. Well, some of it left stains everywhere on the bottom of the pool. I tried to scrub it with a pool brush and its still there. What are my options...
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    big air bubble in pump basket

    What would cause a big air bubble in my pump basket? There is no bubble when pump is at 3400 rpms. But when the pump is at 2000 rpms after about an hour or two a huge bubble forms in the lid. It just recently started getting cooler here in Florida, but Ive never had this issue before. I cant...
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    Cooler weather, more chlorine consumption?

    Weather has cooled down here in Florida. For the Last month I have been running my pump about three hours longer than what I had been earlier this year, to get more skim time due to the leaves. Right now it runs from 7am -10pm. Before I ran it from 8am-6pm. During the 10hr run time when the...
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    Circuit Breaker

    Why is the pool pump circuit breaker tripping all the time? The other circuit breaker(in same breaker box) for the GFI outlet and pool lights never trips. Got home from work around 12 today and saw water wasn't moving in the pool. Went to box and breaker was tripped. There was No rain or...
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    testing after adjustment

    After adjusting your SWG output and or your pump run time, how long should you wait before testing your water to see where your chlorine level is at?
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    No internet connection?

    Apparently my controller is not picking up the WAN signal from my WiFi. Unplugging router didn’t work. Unplugging the WiFi extender didn’t work. Turning off pool pump at breaker box didn’t work. WiFi extender is working as I can connect to it with phone. Not sure what else to do!
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    SWG produces .92 lbs of chlorine every 24 hours. Is this .92 lbs based on the pump running at 3450 rpms? Or can I run the pump at a much lower rpm and still achieve .92 lbs per 24 hours considering the cell output is based on 100%?