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    Dolphin Nautilus CC Plus Robotic Pool Cleaner Floating

    I have had this for 3 years now and has done a great job thus far. This year when I opened my pool and started it up the device doesn't want to stay on the bottom or walls. It will track for a bit then decides to lift, almost like a wheelie and will even hover. Seems like a buoyancy problem...
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    Thanks everyone - I just ordered the TF-100 test kit. I think this is what the pool store was using. He said he prefers it over the digital type testing stations. Here are my results from the store yesterday: FAC - 3 TAC - 3 Salt - 3600 (he said this is a little high but with all the rain...
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    Hello, thanks for having me. I put in a concrete pool last year (Apr 2018) with a salt system and have been pretty pleased with it. Only thing I noticed was the surface being a little rough. We followed the PB instructions and brushed it frequently. I also chased my tail with keeping the PH...