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    Small Dark Spots bleeding thru new gunite and exposed rebar

    We had our pool shot with gunite this Tues July 16th.Started watering immediately. The shell looks great with really only 1 small crack. I also noticed a small piece of rebar left exposed on a bench where the seat meets the back wall. Wednesday I started noticing some small pencil round sized...
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    Beach entry with salt water. Need waterline edge material suggestions.

    Excavation and rebar in. Waiting on an inspection. We are going salt water with beach entry. Stonescapes mini pebble cool blue with abaloni finish most likely. Looking for ideas on what the beach at the waterline should be. Going charcoal leuder coping with ivory travertine deck. Pics of some...
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    Newbie pool owner gron central Texas

    Hola, building our 1st pool. Dodging the weather so far. Almost done with piping and rebar. Trying to leatn all I can. This is a great forum