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    Drained in ground spa to troubleshoot dismal suction. Please help.

    So as title says I drained my 5kish gallon spa because my system was running at 0 psi. Pump would start strong when I turn it on and run around 15 psi and within 5 seconds drop to 0 psi. I don’t think it was sucking in air....when I opened the pump lid it had a strong suction sound and feeling...
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    New “pool” owner

    Ahoy hoy! hope I can find some answer to my various issues here. Was hoping to learn just by YouTube videos etc but my issue could be more severe ?. I started a post in the plumbing section...just waiting for approval. Happy to be here! Jared
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    New pool owner - Pump loses prime and <1 psi

    Ahoy hoy! Just registered to post after looking over countless posts and exhausted all YouTube resources. Looks like this site may be the most help. So we bought a house last month with a pool or oversized bathtub. I’m estimating it’s 7500-10k gallons. It was a swamp when I got it so I...