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    Closing pool

    Hi, What temperature is safe to close our pool. Should we do a Slam before closing pool. TYIA Lorraine
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    Clear to Green Help

    After 5 weeks of a clear pool and a week of drenching rain, yesterday we could not see the drain on the deep end. Today we have a Green pool. Please help.. Our readings for yesterday are: FC 4 PH 7.6 Cc .5 TC 4.5 TA 80 CYA 40 Temp. 77
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    Need Help Closing Pool

    My husband is getting ready to close pool hopefully by this weekend. He just did the following readings: FC - 9 CC - 0 TC - 9 TA - 50 CYA - 40 PH - 7.6 Water temp -61 degrees We are trying to figure out how to close the pool. Am I reading it correctly that we have to Slam the pool and get...
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    Pool numbers, eeNeed Help

    Hi, I just did my testing and I am confused about what it says to add. My pool is Clear. Here are my numbers: FC. 2 Ph. 7.4 TA. 70 CH. 75 Water temp is 74 CYA. 30 Because FC is low Over a week ago I was told put it at 16 Ph says to add 11 oz of washing soda or 22 oz of borax Ta says to...
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    Hello, I need help finding out what my target is supposed to be for a 30,000 gallon pool. Thank you. Lorraine
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    Hi, I’m fairly new to forum. I found you end of July 2017, after spending mega bucks at pool store and had a pea green pool for months. I was helped and after Slamming ended up with a clear pool in 2017 thanks to TFP help. My husband opened pool the end of April 2018 and we had a clear pool...
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    POOL Calulator Help,,

    Hi, I’m a little confused with what I should add to the pool according to pool calculator. Just opened pool yesterday, had loads of leaves, all clean now. It’s a little cloudy but can I can see drain. I need help with what I should add. Here are are my readings: Water temp. - 64 FC - 1...
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    Swamp to Blue but Cloudy

    After months of working with Leslie's, mega chemicals, they finally told my husband they didn't know what else to do. So, I started searching the web and found your wonderful site. My husband had already change the water 1 foot at a time because we have a high water table and our CYA was over...