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    Is this worth fixing before they move forward?

    So my entry into the pool are oversized steps that you can sit on. I had said the top two at 24” and the last step 18”. What they built was 24”, 24”, and 11”. The 11” feels awkward and stubby. I’m also concerned how the tile band will look on it. The pool builder says steps in the water are...
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    Pool Bid Critique Please - Georgia Build

    Finally got my first bid back and I’m feeling pretty underwhelmed. Thoughts? Be brutal.
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    Automatic Pool cover - stored on the long side?

    I’m sure there’s a reason the covers always are stored on the short side of the pool, but is it a terrible idea to have it stored on the long side? It would work better for my design that has exposed walls on three sides to go with the existing slope.