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  1. cfherrman

    1st SLAM, persistent floor algae

    I'm calling this my 1st slam because I've only had to bump the clorine twice in the 4+ years of tfp style of pool care, didn't really need to hold the fc to fix the problem. I think my problem started last year of floor algae taking ahold in the creases and wrinkles of the liner and inside my...
  2. cfherrman

    Sulfuric Acid + Sodium Hyopclorite = 2 Million Dollars

    Saw this in the news
  3. cfherrman

    Hard to put up pool....

    ........when it's so nice under the sun sail. Just a teaser, hopefully some long post of all the redoing I'm doing so everything looks exactly the same as last year will be up in a week or two.
  4. cfherrman

    eBay steel pools

    I took my Intex down last year as it's a old pool (2nd owner or more) and has been up with me 3 years and the liner is fraying on top and fading inside on some spots where I scrubbed too hard. Life has been good so I planned on buying a 'real' ago, solid walls and all. Life's still good but I...
  5. cfherrman

    Intex after 3 years up taken down

    This gave me a sad face after pulling the liner out. Pools been up for 3 years and given a lot of enjoyment but the liner is pretty close to being done from the sun. The frame however I'd in excellent shape with no rust spots inside, and I got this pool used! We are probably get a used permanent...
  6. cfherrman

    Stenner diy tubing

    I got me a used stenner with no tubing, what kind of tubing will work, home Depot looks to have pe tubing. Air brake line is often used for chemical line I was thinking of using that as well. Thanks
  7. cfherrman

    Solar cover worth it swimming nearly every day

    Last year my family swam 5 days a week, would a solar cover still be worth it if it's only on 2 days during the sun and on every night?
  8. cfherrman

    Mobile version show Sig in portrait

    If we can get sigs shown in portrait that would be great, thanks
  9. cfherrman

    Iron from junk ladder?

    My ladder just needs to last this year and maybe a month of next year, should I be worried about the rust on it adding iron in the pool? I could clean it up and paint it.
  10. cfherrman

    What $25 got me

    A brand new(to me) sand filter! 19" 175lbs, just what I needed. It will be a few weeks till I can install as I'm currently drywalling my mud room, my little 13" is tired and needs retirement. Bonus, I chopped up the intex cart pump and now it's just a handy pump.
  11. cfherrman

    Water Softeners For CH Control

    In process of replacing my water softener I did some looking into home and pool use. Terms are shortened or simplified. 1. Concept. A water softener is similar to a sand filter in water flow but has resin in it that has salt attached to it. When water with calcium passes through it the resin...
  12. cfherrman

    What's the record on ta?

    Just tested mine for the first of the year, fill water is 200-250 I don't remember. 300! Cya 70, I added too much I guess for the start of the year
  13. cfherrman

    Has anybody tested the 'concentrated' bleach

    Opened my pool, tested my fc with last year's tf-50 regents. 0.5 fc, my pool is filled to 38" same as last year, about 10000 gallons last year worked great for adding bleach. Pool math said 121 oz of 6% would add 6 fc, I added 121 of the new concentrated 6% bleach, waited 30 mins and got back...
  14. cfherrman

    Clorinated well plus hot water heater

    I just did a bunch of work on my house water system with a new water heater, and better arrangement of pipes for my pump tank and whole house filter, I used used brass 1" fitting and valves from a oil well (over $200 for free) cleaned them up and flushed the lines. I'm getting a new water...
  15. cfherrman

    Evil clorine

    My daughter has bad eczema so we tried a clorine bath Friday night, her skin is incredibly clear and 90% of the red spots on her skin were completely gone! Of course we didn't have this problem last summer!
  16. cfherrman

    Anybody know about water softeners?

    Well I have been working in the basement and I could hear my junk softener doing a Regen, for more than a day. Messed with it and it's time for a new one. Our water is hard, 250, and I'm going to fill the pool through the house with the softener and filter. I did some looking and I can afford...
  17. cfherrman

    Closed pool, and the bill is.....

    $2.38 for one gallon of antifreeze. I have had the pool uncovered and pump on for the last two months and adding about two gallons of bleach a month. I installed a pool cover and it blew off shortly after that so no cover for me, I'll just continue to add a gallon once a month and brush and net...
  18. cfherrman

    Now I can completely avoid the pool store

    I get bleach from Walmart, $2.67, and cya, my pool has over 200 ta and loves to just hang at 7.8 pH so I have been hitting it every weekend with ma. I started at home Depot, $8 for half strength, old pool store wanted $12 per a gallon. New pool store was selling full for $9, so not too bad. I...
  19. cfherrman

    Going to downgrade a waterway plastics impeller

    I got a 4 hp 2 speed 220v waterway plastics hi flow pump that will have way too much flow for any kind of sand filter I could afford. My plan is to downgrade the impeller to 1/2 - 1.5 hp, having not done this with small pumps and having incomplete information on this pump as I got it for free...
  20. cfherrman

    Another use for clarifier

    Wife is brushing my daughter's blond hair and she says "I'm surprised their hair is not turning green from all the swimming they been doing" So I give her the info about copper in the water, she used to do hair and in beauty school they did give info about green hair. I asked what they do...
  21. cfherrman

    Leak finding alternative to food coloring

    I can't find the old style food coloring in my area, it's the gel kind. I'm going to pick up laundry style dye. If anybody know this will work or will not let me know, or if there is any other types I can use. Thanks
  22. cfherrman

    new tfp method, can I guess along till its time?

    This year i'm am upgrading my pool from a 12' x 30" pool from the last 3 years to a 24' x 52" pool this year. I will spare you the story but i really don't have the correct amount of funds to do this correctly, a lot has to do from pool install costs, so i will be waiting to get the tf-100 kit...
  23. cfherrman

    24x52 with 10k gal pump, need to upgrade?

    Ran my 12" or 13" 42lb 3/4 hp 10k gallon rated eBay special sand pump last 3 years 24/7 during the season on my tiny 12x30" pool and now I'm upgrading to a monster 24'x52" pool around 13.5k gallons. I am installing two main drains and a wide mouth skimmer. What is the recommended pump combo...