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  1. StogieC

    Is it really time to replace water?

    How high is really too high for CH? Or should I just replace water now before it becomes a bigger job? CH 500 TA 120 (Working on lowering, See PH) PH 7.2 (Was 8.2+ this morning, 7.6 yesterday) CYA 50 Salt 3500 FC 13 (Holding a little high until CC back to zero) CC 0.2 SWG failed last week...
  2. StogieC

    Apparently, I'm dumb.

    For the past two years I've been getting down on my hands and old creaky Infantry knees to plunge my arm into the water to get samples for testing. Today, I was replacing the filter cartgage when I realized that I've had a water spigot that pulls water from the bottom of the pool staring at me...
  3. StogieC

    Bar, TV, Seating, and Landscape.

    Before: : After:
  4. StogieC

    CYA dropping

    CYA was stable at 70 Throughout April and May. June had a lot of rain and CYA dropped to 40 on 6/21. I added 4 lbs of stabilizer and on 6/24 CYA was back to 70. In June there was a good amount of rain and I had to drain a about 3" from the pool. I was surprised that 2" would have dropped...
  5. StogieC

    Then and Now - TFP makes it easy

    In 2013 I took my first dip in to pool ownership with a 15' round Intex. That's when I found TFP and started reading everything I could find. Although the pool itself was anything but trouble free, mostly due to an uneven base, the water stayed perfect until the liner ripped under side load...
  6. StogieC

    CYA in a skimmer sock

    We had a good bit a rain recently and I had to drain a couple of inches of water from the pool to keep from overflowing and get the skimmer opening back above the water line. I noticed that the FC was getting lower than normal so out came the entire test kit. FC 1.8 CC 0.2 (frog bones in the...
  7. StogieC

    Chasing pH too much?

    FC 4.2 CC 0 pH 7.8 TA 70 CH 310 CYA 70 Borate 30 NaCl 3100 Temp 77 F (rain yesterday) 18k gal, 60 day old, pebble aggregate pool with a SWG is drinking nearly a quart of acid every other day to keep it at a pH of 7.6 But it appears to be much more pH stable at 7.8 requiring just a splash of...
  8. StogieC

    Coming a long way from my old above ground water bag.

    Getting things in balance still with the new pool but it's coming along. I've been lurking here for quite a while but I thought it was time to dive in (pun intended).