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  1. Randrx2

    Jandy Valve Configuration

    I want to replace my 2 PVC ball valves I have for my water features with a Handy 3-port valve. I have never installed one of these valves. Can they be configured to allow the inlet port as shown to turn off (i.e. being able to rotate the valve all the way to the off position? I know I can...
  2. Randrx2

    Do I need to SLAM...again???

    Okay, what the heck is going on. I did a SLAM about 4 weeks ago and have been moving along nicely. Let my numbers drift down to around 7-8 ppm FC and all seemed good. We had a bunch of rain, but I was keeping an eye on FC daily and adjusted as necessary. But now I am seeing like a 3 ppm FC...
  3. Randrx2

    Robot cord length

    After reading about the wonders of the robots on here, I am looking to get one. S200 seems to be the favorite. I need to know what cord length to get. As I show in my crude drawing, I will mount the box near the outlet under our patio overhang and route the cord between some furniture and...
  4. Randrx2

    Algae - What happened?

    Need a little help here trying to figure out what I did wrong. Please see logs under my profile. I did a SLAM about 2 weeks ago and everything looked okay and steady. SWG was maintaining just fine. Then we had a heavy swim load (like 9 people in the pool). So I cranked up the SWG to 100%...
  5. Randrx2

    Lesson learned - Rust spots in pool

    The other day I noticed a couple rust spots on the bottom of pool. No big deal, they pop up once in awhile. But then I noticed more and more. They were all mainly where the wall and floor meet. That seemed weird. So I dove down with my vitamin C tabs and started rubbing the spots with the...
  6. Randrx2

    Interesting CYA observation

    I have been mostly testing my CYA indoors and get expected results for my light conditions. I have the 50 ppm calibration standard so I know what a disappeared dot looks like for my conditions. Today I did an indoor test and then took it outside to compare. What was interesting is that the...
  7. Randrx2

    Single speed pump vs. Variable speed pump

    Hello. I could not find this topic in the deep end, so please let me know if it has been discussed before. When most people are changing out an older single or two-speed pump, the recommendation is to use a variable speed pump for the savings on electricity. The thought is that you will run...
  8. Randrx2

    CYA loss question. Again!!!

    At the beginning of the year, my CYA was 60ppm. I have been struggling all year to get my CYA up. It seems to always drift down to 50ppm. So since the beginning of the year (Jan), I have added 131 Oz. of CYA (sometimes in sock in skimmer basket and sometimes in sock hanging in front of a...
  9. Randrx2

    Modified Test Kit

    Just a little horn tooting. So I started with a Taylor K-2005 kit and a K-1766 salt test kit. Then I learned here about the FAS-DPD testing and added the K-1515 kit. So essentially I made a K-2006-SALT kit. However, my instructions on the label were still for the regular DPD test. I called...
  10. Randrx2

    Simple heater remote control

    Does anyone know of a simple wireless controller for a AquaCal heatpump? Basically, I want to be able to change the temperature without going to the equipment and setup a schedule to only have the heatpump come on for the weekend. Thank you.
  11. Randrx2

    Scupper bowl install

    Hello all, Looking for some advice and confirmation I am doing this right. When we built our pool we had 2 deck jets installed on each corner with the intention of installing bowls in the future. Future is here and we are installing. I have my pipes extended up and am about to install bowls...
  12. Randrx2

    Lesson Learned - CYA

    So a last month, we had about 4" of rain in 1.5 hours and this caused pool to overfill. I didn't think too much of it. I just drained, checked my numbers and rebalanced. This was also in the heat and full sun of August in Orlando. I noticed my CYA was low (I now realize it was most likely at...
  13. Randrx2

    Taylor K-2006C picture

    Hello. Can someone please post a pic from above of their Taylor K-2006C test kit with all the bottles installed? Because I am thinking of upgrading to the K-2006C. I cannot tell by the website pics how much leftover room is in the kit for other items. I have a K-2005 kit and there is extra...
  14. Randrx2

    Help with readings...clear water...low FC...0 CC

    Hello all. I am new to the forum. This is my first question. I believe in taking care of the pool myself because I have seen what a pool service does (we rented a house and they were there once a week for about 10 mins). I have been reading a lot before posting here. The information is...
  15. Randrx2

    New from Orlando, FL

    Hello all! Pool newbie here. This is our first pool. I have learned a lot from reading the posts and information here. Looking forward to good times!