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  1. pcm2a

    What voltage activates pool automation relays?

    I have a Hayward/Goldline automation system. It has relays that look like this: : Hayward RELAY 3hp FOR AQUA OR PRO LOGIC - GLX-RELAY : Swimming Pool And Spa Supplies : Garden & Outdoor. I have a separate wifi 4 bank 12v dc relay that I use to activate 9 or so different speeds on my...
  2. pcm2a

    Adjust jandy valve actuator manually to a position?

    I am getting some work done on the flagstone on my spa and I need to have the spa empty for 2 days. I can drain the spa but I would like to run the pool pump during this time. In the photo there is a yellow circle around the jandy actuator. If I could rotate that valve 180 degrees it would stop...
  3. pcm2a

    VS Pump taking in air at low speeds

    On my new VS pump, if I run it at 3100 or 3450 there are no bubbles in the pumps viewport. Then I change to a lower speed, 2250 or 2500. Over the course of 8 hours I noticed that there slowly is more and more air in there. After 8 hours the water level is an inch down from the top. I can turn...
  4. pcm2a

    Poor mans bubble reducer for a spa blower!

    My spa had a 1hp blower. It died and I wanted more air flow so I went with a 2hp. Wow did I get some air flow then, but it was a little too much. Then I had an idea how to reduce the air flow for about $5. I bought one small PVC pipe and one PVC coupler. I stuck them together and drilled a small...
  5. pcm2a

    Water spigot with disintegrated handle

    Under a skimmer cover I Have this spigot. In the pool is a plug to keep water from going in I guess. I assume that the spigot could be used to fill up the pool faster if it had to be drained? I've never tested it. I looked in there yesterday and saw that the handle has disintegrated. I'm not...
  6. pcm2a

    Small drip from where valve meets pvc

    Ignore the water over to the right, it had been raining. I have a valve and where it meets the pvc there is about 1 drop a minute. It has been like this for years, no better an no worse. I decided that some good 'ol epoxy would surely fix it, so I shut everything off and epoxied it. Didn't fix...
  7. pcm2a

    WTB the right 2 inch pvc coupling?

    My pool system has many couplings on it. All of them are 2 inch couplings and 3 inches long. I went to Lowes, looked at everything they had and even asked the guy and the only 2 inch coupling is 1.75 inches long. I'm not sure I'm confident in using that. Is the only place to get a longer one the...
  8. pcm2a

    First time cleaning sand filter, need some tips

    I know the filter hasn't been deep cleaned in at least the 3 years I've lived here, and probably not ever. I spent yesterday adding unions so I could get the lid off. Today I took the lid off, it was extremely easy...except the white pvc pipe came out with it. In the videos I watch on this I...
  9. pcm2a

    Filter is more sensitive after pump upgrade, needs more backwashing

    My previous pump was a 15 year old Northstar 1.5hp single speed. We upgraded it a couple months ago to a 1.85 HP TriStar VS 900. The new pump runs great but it is requiring more backwashing. What I notice after about two weeks is at a slower speed 2250 my spillover should be running pretty good...
  10. pcm2a

    New variable speed pump with old aqua logic controller?

    I have a super old 1.5hp northstar pool pump. Motor was replaced a couple years ago and now it is starting to make that bearings gone bad noise. Rather than maintaining such an old pump housing I'd like to replace the whole pump and housing with something new. Before I talk to the pool store I...
  11. pcm2a

    Replaced spa pump, leaking water from one corner

    Replaced a century spa pump in a super pump 2600. On one side at the bottom corner I have a leak. When I pull the motor back out what should I be looking for? During the replacement I used a go kit to replace all of the seals/gaskets. There was one that was not present when I removed the pump...
  12. pcm2a

    Pumps not starting/stopping between pool modes after pump motor change!

    Today in the cold rain I replaced my spa pump with an exact replacement. It took about two hours. During the swap out I turned the breakers off to the pool and spa pump just to be safe. After completing the installation I turned on the pool pump, works. Next I turned on the spa pump, works. I...
  13. pcm2a

    Why no freeze mode on spa blowers?

    I've lived in this hour for just over 3 years. The blower hasn't worked well ever, but what I can say for sure is water is at that check valve. If I turn the water on it will blow the water down and out of that check valve. If the spa is drained it will blow all that water out into the tub. In...
  14. pcm2a

    Pool & spa switching during freeze mode thoughts

    I have a spa with a waterfall spillover into the pool. During freeze protection both pumps run in pool mode for 30 minutes then it turns off, valves shift to spa mode, then both pumps run for 30 more minutes. If it's below freezing for 7 days straight the pumps turn off, valves shift, every 30...
  15. pcm2a

    Replaced pool pump union o-ring, now leaking 10x worse

    In my other thread I replaced the lid of my Northstar pump to fix the air leak. Once I did that the union on both ends would leak just a little water when you turn the pump on or off. Easy fix right, just put a new o-ring in it. I got them in today, it was easy to undo the union with a strap...
  16. pcm2a

    High pitch terrible noise from spa pump

    Was troubleshooting my main pool pump today and I turned on the spa pump. I was greeted with a wail of agony from it. I have total confidence that someone will know what is wrong from the sound. I had the tiny seal changed out where it was leaking about 2 years ago. YZmKUMUghOg
  17. pcm2a

    Air in the pool pump lines

    I went out today to do a quick skimmer and robot leaf clean and I noticed that the jets had some air bubbling out. I went around to the pump and sure enough it has air in there. When I stop the pump all that air is released and the water goes down in the pump basket. Under normal operation that...
  18. pcm2a

    Who decided the best CYA level is 30-40?

    Two seasons ago I was using pucks and my CYA got up over 100. Last season I used 10% chlorine (no pucks) and kept track of all the numbers as the CYA slowly came down from rain/backwash/adding water. This season my CYA is finally in the range of 35-40. What I have found out is at the 35-40 range...
  19. pcm2a

    Kreepy Krauly Prowler 830 confusing instructions

    There is a store around here called Bargain Hunt that has amazon products, old stock, returns, etc at discounted prices. They have had several NIB Prowler 830s for $615 and they just started 50% off all pool stuff. I snagged the last one for $307! My pool has a booster pump with a Polaris 280. I...
  20. pcm2a

    Shelf life for 16oz DPD R-0871 and R-0870?

    It's about time to refill my 2oz R-0871 and 10gm R-0870 reagents. Getting them in a 16oz and .25lb size is a tremendous savings (not sure if links are allowed here). My question is what is the shelf life of each of these reagents? The 16oz R-0871 would last me at least 3-4 years and the .25lb...
  21. pcm2a

    Going on vacation, should I lower the pH?

    Leaving tomorrow for 6 days. I have calculated out how much liquid chlorine to dump in but my question is around pH. Every week I'm having to add some muratic acid to keep the pH down. Should I also dump in a bunch of muratic acid knowing that over the next week pH is going to rise?
  22. pcm2a

    Flaking paint on outdoor iron furniture

    I have about 26 pieces of Summer Classic patio furniture (came with the house). All of the pieces are faded black but the ones that are outside are also flaking pretty bad. What type of repair person would I look for if I wanted them all refinished?
  23. pcm2a

    Swapped out pool lights for color changing leds

    I haven't ran my pool lights on a timer because I didn't want to burn out the bunk flood lights and to save money. Today I replaced them with two led color changing "35W" lights. I bought the two lights ( and a two pack of gaskets...
  24. pcm2a

    Lost 4 FC in one day because of pool heater?

    Every 4-5 days I have been testing the water and it is in between 5-7. I dump in 128oz of 10% and am good for another 4-5 days. Now that it's getting warmer I was ready for a swim. Yesterday I checked the level and it was at 4 so I added 128oz, checked 2 hours later and it was at 11. This...
  25. pcm2a

    Flagstone came off around spa, easiest way to fix?

    Doing an Easter egg hunt today and I noticed a loose piece of flagstone around the spa. Watched a video on how to repair loose flagstone and it looks doable with my poor skill set (How to Repair a Mortared Flagstone Walkway - This Old House - YouTube). Some adhesive and mortar repair both sold...
  26. pcm2a

    Any reason not to add extra chlorine to last more days?

    My pool guy used the tablet method that kept my pool crystal perfect all summer but as a side effect gave me a sky high CYA. Going into this summer I decided to try out the recommended way. The thing is I've only been taking these daily or every other day readings for a couple weeks and I can...
  27. pcm2a

    Brown etching on stainless steel in pool house?

    I have had a stainless steel fridge in the pool house for 9 months. I noticed today that is covered in brown spots. I scrubbed it off with vinegar but it seems that it has etched the surface! The only thing that has changed is a week ago I brought in a 25 pound bucket of calcium hardness. I used...
  28. pcm2a

    Don't buy Dollartree bleach!

    I wish I had done a search on here first. I found 128oz of bleach at the dollartree for... a dollar! The date stamp was 17 360 which seemed recent enough. I added 128oz last night with a FC of 6.5, tested in the morning with a FC of 7. Dumped all of the rest in, 4 x 128, and that has raised...
  29. pcm2a

    What is Total Alkalinity (Adjusted) and other readings

    My pool guy used the pucks all summer and left me with a 125+ CYA. I got my own test kit around Christmas, Taylor K-2006C, and have been monitoring things myself. Through backwashing CYA is now down around 110 and with the rains I think this will be even lower before summer. I haven't added any...
  30. pcm2a

    New pump motor runs even when turned off?

    The repair guy installed a new Century 1.5hp pump last Thursday to replace one with bad bearings. I didn't realize for over a day that it was running all the time, partly because it's so quiet and also it's down around freezing. Today I noticed that it was running even though the controller has...