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  1. carnivalday

    The Master of My Domain

    I am finally the Master of My Domain! Last 3 checks on my FC have been 8...8...and (drumroll please)...8!!! I have finally taken control of my SWG! Take that!
  2. carnivalday

    The perfect day.

    Mid July in Florida. We're a little toasty. Went outside this morning, took care of critters and made sure they all have shade to get to. Hopped on the mower and mowed a 2 acre field. Whew, hot and sweaty. Finished up, came in side, changed clothes to proper swimwear (its daytime), no Solar heat...
  3. carnivalday

    Can I get some cheese with that whine?

    I know, I know..... in the general scheme of things right now, with everything going on in the world, with poor Casey uprooting her whole life, with everyone hating on each problem is almost embarassing to even mention......but waaaaaaahhhh!!!! I cant swim!!!!! Its been raining...
  4. carnivalday

    When do you swim?

    I was thinking about jumping in the pool around noon, but its really hot here now, and Im thinking, its probably not the best time of the day to jump in, what with the sun so strong. Im starting to use sunscreen, mostly just on my face and neck, but if Im going to stay in the pool for an hour, I...
  5. carnivalday

    Spider webs

    So for the past few weeks I have been thoroughly enjoying the pool. Ive been in it nearly every day, doing a lot of swimming and getting a lot of great excercise. After a good swim, I do a bit of floating on my floater to catch my breath and relax and watch the clouds float by....and look at the...
  6. carnivalday

    Robot cord twisting

    My robot cord is all twisted. Is there any magical way to get it untwisted?
  7. carnivalday

    Muriatic Acid

    I usually go down to Lowes and get Muriatic Acid, but it seems they are now only selling "essential" items. I can pick up some at Tractor Supply, but I can find any numbers on this product. Can someone look at this and tell me if I can use this...
  8. carnivalday

    New problem for me

    So we got slammed with storms overnight.....trees down, power out for 12 hours, all that good stuff. Meanwhile, I got plenty of rain, and the pool is now nearly to the top. Since the weather forecast is dry for the next 2 weeks, I was thinking of just letting it evaporate naturally. On the other...
  9. carnivalday

    Cage and numbers

    How much does having a cage make a difference when running numbers? I checked this morning, and my FC is up to 8.5 with running my SWG at 40% for 12 hours. My CYA is only at 40, and I was going to bump it up to 60. How much is my cage affecting the numbers? I would think my FC wouldnt be nearly...
  10. carnivalday

    Pool temps

    So I was floating around in the pool for about an hour this afternoon.....oh woe is me, I have to stay home until this virus is taken care of, poor me....but I digress.....and its really funny. Im now pretty comfortable with tweaking my chemical numbers. Well, now Im tweaking my numbers for...
  11. carnivalday

    Is muriatic acid essential?

    So Im running very low on MA, and of course the state is shut down except for essentials. Are pool chemicals considered essential? I guess I can check with Lowes online and see if they ship, but I have a feeling, since its a dangerous chemical, that it can't be shipped. What do I do?
  12. carnivalday

    I did it!!

    So I was sitting out by the pool a little bit ago; checked the water temp. 84 degrees. C'mon you weenie, its time to get in! First step...okay. Second step, I reach over the the return, nice warm water coming out of there. Okay, 1-2-3..and Im in! And it feels warm! And I think I died and went...
  13. carnivalday

    Pool water temp

    So I had my solar heater on all day yesterday, and the water got up to 80. Not quite warm enough for me to enjoy my first dunk, but oh so close (did get in up to my knees). So this morning I went out and checked the water temperature to see where it was...pump not turned on yet, outside temp got...
  14. carnivalday

    Boiling Frogs

    You know that saying about putting frogs in boiling water? They will hop right out. But if you put them in tepid water and then slowly raise the temperature, they wont feel the danger and can handle a much higher temperature. I wonder if that works backwards? Like, when Im finally able to get in...
  15. carnivalday


    I have somewhat iron-y water, and filled the pool this past November with well water. Ive had no problems at all with the water, but Ive noticed my pool brush is starting to turn orange, and where I set the brush down yesterday, after brushing the pool down, it left a very faint orange stain on...
  16. carnivalday

    Is this a good plan?

    Since the finish of my pool build in November, Ive kept all my numbers within the rails pretty much, per all the good advice here. My CYA has been between 30 and 40 consistently, and my FC has been above 5. We've had a lot of cloudy weather, cool, just typical winter weather. Now we're getting...
  17. carnivalday

    Hairnet dealies

    Okay, so now Im shopping for the pool like I shop for the pups. But I dont understand the hairnet dealies? I understand why you would use them, but I dont know how they would work. If you put a hairnet over the top of the basket, isnt it just going to float and not catch stuff? Im probably...
  18. carnivalday

    Gaskets and o -rings and lube..oh my....

    Morning folks! Is there any short tutorial anywhere on what I should be doing with the o rings and gaskets...whatever those things are! ha! I read here on occasion where people are checking them and lubing them, or finding them cracked and replacing them. Even tho my system is brand new, Im...
  19. carnivalday

    Solar, and SWG

    Okay, Ive got an equipment question, and Im not even sure what Im asking, but here goes. In reading up on solar heating, and what my system is (7 4 x 10 panels), Im finally getting to understand how it works. It appears the optimum rate for solar is 3-5 gallons per minute thru the panels. So I...
  20. carnivalday

    New pool

    Pool finished in November. Im learning all my numbers, Ive been really good, testing the water. Looking at the water. Brushing the walls (pollen). Sitting watching the water. I. WANT. TO. SWIM!!!! Today the water was 65. Sigh....waiting... That is all.
  21. carnivalday

    SWG - cold weather

    We're hitting a couple of really cold days now. Well, not really compared to everyone else, but cold for here. Night temps last night were 35, and tonight will be 32. I just checked my water temp and its 64. Can I assume that my SWG will continue to work these next couple of days? After these 2...
  22. carnivalday

    Speed Stir Help

    So I guess the assumption is that everyone knows how to put batteries in the speed stir, because I dont see any directions on how to do that. Any help with that please? And whats that little stir bar thing?That goes in the water? And I have to clean that off and dry it in between each test?
  23. carnivalday

    All new numbers today

    Oh wise ones, how do I look? Ran all my numbers today. Apparently Im pretty close on my SWG setting, as 3 days ago FC was 9, today its at 8, and I have my SWG set to deliver .3 ppm per day. Should I leave it there until FC gets down to 5 or so, or should I keep FC at 8. FC 8 CC .5 pH 7.8 TA...
  24. carnivalday


    Okay, I got interested in reading more about skimmers (after checking mine out, seems a-ok to me). From what Im reading, the placement of returns has a large part in the skimmer working properly. I posted a picture (that I stole off of Google) that shows my returns (x), the direction the returns...
  25. carnivalday

    Basic skimmer question

    I was sitting out at the pool this morning and now I realize Im not really sure how the skimmer works, not the internals, but how does it actually draw in stuff. I was watching a few pieces of grass swirling around the pool (yes Im retired, so Im allowed to sit and watch grass swirl) and when...
  26. carnivalday

    Rain and Tests

    So Im sitting here this rainy Saturday morning, just ran all my tests (added some MA, pH back up to 8; was able to do a pH test since my FC is down to 9...dont I sound smart? hahahah!!!!), and Im wondering, how much would you expect your test results to differ after a decent rains, say an inch...
  27. carnivalday

    Test results disposal

    Is there any harm to my septic system if I am dumping my test results down the drain? Or do I need to dispose of them like nuclear waste?
  28. carnivalday

    Just a few pics

    In going thru my phone, I found a few pics of my new pool build. I thought I had some more, but I must have deleted them. Anyway, since Ive been mouthing off so much here, the least I can do is post some pics of my pool. They arent in any order.
  29. carnivalday

    Happy Pool Year To Everyone!

    I want to thank everyone here...theres so many of you...for all the help you have given me. When my pool was finally done and they handed me the keys, I realized I had absolutely no clue about taking care of what I had been given. I was given the name of someone who was a really good pool...
  30. carnivalday

    Balancing My Water; Latest Numbers

    Okay, I ran all my numbers today, after adding muriatic acid, balancer, and calcium hardness stuff this week. I was planning on adding 10# of calcium stuff, but Lowes only had 1 5# bottle left. After testing today, it seems I was right in thinking I needed another 5#. Looks like pH creeped up...