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  1. GCyr

    Paraglo light and Intellicenter

    We just installed Intellicenter and found out that our older 12v 6" Concrete Paraglo multi-color light in our pool is not compatible with the Intellicenter system. Does anyone have suggestions for a Intellicenter compatible replacement model that will simply replace the bulb without having to...
  2. GCyr

    Pentair Servers down again

    Is it my imagination, or have the Pentair user portal servers crashed for the 3rd time in two days? After having the system for less than a week, I find this very troubling, as their product is advertised as the latest in technology. Unfortunately, with their servers down, that is a thought...
  3. GCyr

    Amazon Alexa and Intellicenter

    Just installed Intellicenter. We want to connect it to Amazon Alexa. Does it work with Amazon Echo and Echo Dot? If so, where can I find the "skill"? (Can only find "Hayward" and "iAqualink" skills). Do either of those work with Pentair Intellicenter?