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  1. JimMarshall

    What is this buildup in my cartridge filter housing?

    This yellow ring around the inside? Any clues as to what it may be? O-ring lube that has pollen or some other funk in it?
  2. JimMarshall

    “Effects of adding “ error/omission?

    Messing around with PoolMath this morning. 2 lbs of Trichlor in my 13,000 gallon pool will raise FC by 17 and CYA by 10. It will drop my pH by .9 and add some salt. Won’t the acid added in the Trichlor also drop my TA? PoolMath seems to omit this from the effects of adding section. Omitted from...
  3. JimMarshall

    How does your deck finish around the pool?

    It’s becoming apparent to me that the decking choice we made when we built our deck was a mistake. The material we used under our carpeting was advertised as being ok for the application that we were planning to use it for, this is turning out to not be the case. We have a couple soft spots...
  4. JimMarshall


    I'm just wondering what these do without typing anything
  5. JimMarshall

    Pool store salt tests?

    I understand that most (all?) basic water parameter tests from the pool store are not to be tested, I wondered if they booger up salt tests as well? Considering adding salt for feel (and eventually a SWG......) not sure I want to, or need to buy my own salt test yet if I’m not trying to stay...
  6. JimMarshall

    Rust in pool

    I apparently had an issue with a wind storm taking one of my umbrellas and an umbrella base off the deck and relocating them to the bottom of the pool. Just came out to check on the pool and found it. when fishing out the umbrella it led to a significant cloud of rusty water coming out of the...
  7. JimMarshall


    Is there a setting somewhere that I am missing to show signatures on a mobile device?
  8. JimMarshall

    Pop up canopy?

    Has anyone ever used a quick pop up style shade canopy IN their AGP? If so, what did you do to : 1: protect the liner from the metal legs And 2: protect the metal legs from rusting?
  9. JimMarshall

    Does washing soda go bad?

    I’m trying to use up a few chemicals that my dad had left over from his hot tub - sodium carbonate, sodium bicarbonate, and sodium bisulfate. My pH has been low because of the trichlor tablets I’ve been using (store was out of liquid and I could stand some CYA anyways, I was only running around...
  10. JimMarshall

    GFCI tripping any ideas?

    Woke up this morning and my VSP was off. Breaker was tripped, and won’t reset. Threw my robot in the pool for some circulation and went to work when it became apparent that it wouldn’t be simple. Any tips or tricks of what to look for? Planning when I get home to: 1: Attempt a reset again 2...
  11. JimMarshall

    Shiny floaters on pool surface

    Never seen this before, photo attached. FC 2.5 CC Trace <.5 PH7.5 TA 70 CH 200 CYA 20 working on bringing my CYA up slowly with some tablets I was gifted, this reading was right now, 10PM so my chlorine level has been good. I know that it hasn’t dipped below 2, which is minimum for my CYA. I...
  12. JimMarshall

    Never had this happen before - pH seems to be dropping?

    Without any intervention from me? Has gone from being in the high 7s to the low 7s (most recently 7.3) without me adding any acid other than CYA (which affects it but it is negligible). My TA is normally high with the fill water here, and as such my pH always drifts UP and I must add MA to drop...
  13. JimMarshall

    What to do with old reagents

    Just ordered refills for my TF 100. What do I do with all my existing reagents? Dump them down the drain? Will they hurt my septic? Should I just throw them whole in the garbage?
  14. JimMarshall

    Switching from a cartridge filter to a sand filter?

    Is there any reason I shouldn’t? Went to the pool store today to get an o ring for my filter, and the store can’t even get them anymore. The warehouse doesn’t even carry them, nor does it seem any parts for the filter. I found the o-ring online, so crisis averted there... but I’m thinking I...
  15. JimMarshall

    Pentair intelliflo, squealing noise at speeds 3 and 4

    I FINALLY got my new VSP wired for my AGP. Turned it on tonight, and I get a loud squealing noise at high speeds. My initial thought is perhaps an air leak? Interested to hear other opinions though
  16. JimMarshall

    Winkles in "deep end" pool liner

    Friend has an above ground oval pool that has a 7 foot deep end dug into it . He has heavy wrinkles in the liner now, which is quite old and faded and due for replacement. Are liner wrinkles inevitable in a pool design like this? I say no, but im not sure with no experience
  17. JimMarshall

    Dolphin S50 and pool slopes? Cleaner recommendations

    Hey all, I have a friend that has an oval above ground pool that has a deep end dug in the center. Picture of his "pool in progress" attached....this hasn't been opened in 2 years prior to my friend buying the house last fall. You can see from the photo that it is shallow around the exterior...
  18. JimMarshall

    Jandy 3 way questions

    Can the handle be changed so that a different leg is the “inlet”?
  19. JimMarshall

    Running a DE filter without DE

    A friend has a new house that came with a pool. The manual for his filter says not to run the filter for more that 2 minutes without DE in it, is there any reasoning for this?
  20. JimMarshall

    Pentair Mastertemp unions

    Heater unions I’m upgrading my pump and plumbing to 2”. Does anyone know the proper part number I’ll need for connection to my Pentair mastertemp 125? Or can I re-use my old unions?
  21. JimMarshall

    Intelliflo VS pump and Jandy valve questions

    Can someone explain for me the differences between the Intelliflo ($1200), the Intelliflo VF ($1700), and the IntellifloXF ($1300)? Also, if I buy Jandy never lube valves, my questions are: will I be able to someday actuate them with pentair automation? And are you able to adjust which pipe on...
  22. JimMarshall

    How much salt for 3500 ppm in a cup of water?

    Been talking about a SWCG. Wife has some concern she will taste the salt. Want to make a cup of 3500 ppm water for her to taste. Anyone have any idea how much salt (by volume) I’d add to one cup of water to get this?
  23. JimMarshall

    R007 and pH testing?

    I was reading in pool school in the test kit directions that r007 or however many 0s there are is sodium thiosulphate to neutralize the chlorine so as to not effect the alkalinity test. Soooo..... if a person had a FC near or over 10, could a drop of R007 be added to ensure that the high FC...
  24. JimMarshall

    Help me pick a new pump and other upgrades

    I'm about 99% sure that I want to get a new pump as a Christmas/Birthday gift over the offseason ( ask for gift cards from everybody and then have at it....) Reasons I am looking at a new pump are as follows: 1) My single speed Hayward pump I have currently is LOUD 2) Its also energy...
  25. JimMarshall

    Can you clean your cartridges too often?

    Just as the title asks?
  26. JimMarshall

    Help please! FC/CC test!

    Can not having enough FAS-DPD powder in your sample to start out with cause a low FC (I know this answer to be yes) and a high CC reading? Just tested and came up with FC 4.5 CC 2.5 CYA is around 30-40 but I haven’t had a good sunlight day to verify since I last added. Based off the last...
  27. JimMarshall

    Make me feel better please - Chlorine kills all things right?

    My soon to be 3 year old just got diagnosed with a viral Cocksackie viruses infection that causes the childhood disease commonly known as hand foot and mouth.... he was recently swimming in the pool, within the incubation period of the virus, when he would have been (extremely) contagious. As...
  28. JimMarshall

    Air bubble in pump basket, vortex in pool

    So, a couple things. 1: Is it possible to have an air bubble or 2 in the pump strainer basket WITHOUT a suction side air leak? These aren’t bubbles that move through, I can never get any air out of the release on my filter, they are just permanently trapped there it seems. 2: I have a...
  29. JimMarshall

    I really despise pH testing.

    Would you guys call this 8?
  30. JimMarshall

    Calculating my electrical costs

    Can anyone point me to how I could determine how much electric my pool pump is using per hour? Trying to do some math on the break even point on a VSP