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    Polaris 955 Err10

    It's actually pretty easy to fix. The end of the cable screws off, and then the individual wires are set into the connector pins with a little set screw. If you can use a few basic tools (hex key, wire cutter/stripper) you should be back in business fast.
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    Polaris P955 will not turn on

    Error code 10 means that the controller can't talk to the motor block. It is usually a sign that the motor block has failed due to a leak. Not always, but usually. If your 955 is just a year old, give the Polaris tech support a call. They are usually pretty good about sending a replacement. It...
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    Polaris P955 will not turn on

    Are you sure you repaired your power cord correctly? Does the control box come on at all? Is there power at your outlet? Sorry to be ask basic questions, but the only failures I have seen on a control box not turning on and displaying anything turned out to be a blown fuse inside the unit.
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    Polaris P965iQ problem

    Are you certain your AC power is working correctly. Can you plug the controller into a different power outlet and see if the problem remains?
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    Polaris 9450 Sport - Not turning on

    Are you sure where you are plugging it in actually has power? The only failures of a control box I'v seen are that or a blown fuse inside the control box.
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    Polaris P965iQ Error 10

    You can take a stab at disassembling the motor block and trying to see if it is repairable, but the odds are slim unless your have specialized soldering equipment. Otherwise, a new motor block which generally costs around $500 is the answer. You might try calling Polaris, they might be lenient...
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    Polaris 9550 trouble

    Hmmm, You can get an Err 10 if it comes out of water, but that does not sound like the problem. The only thing I can think of is that the contacts in the connector from the cable into the new motor block might be dirty or loose(maybe this was your original problem too?). You can disconnect the...
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    Need help troubleshooting Polaris P93 Robot Cleaner

    My guess is that water has entered the motor block and is causing intermittent problems. You could disassemble the motor block, see if there is a leak, dry it out, fix the leaking problem and see if it works again. These usually leak when the main seal fails or when one of the seals around the...
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    Polaris P965iQ Error 10

    It is usually because the motor block unit in the robot has become flooded with water and shorted out the internal controller/driver board. The power/controller unit does two things, it provides power to the robot via two wires, and communicates to the robots controller/driver board over a...
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    Polaris 9550 Sport Troubleshooting Help

    Very sorry I missed your posting. If you are still listening, the large nut on the propeller driven motor assembly just comes off with a big enough crescent wrench. You might need a drop of penetrating oil, but mine came off after a bit of persuasion. The wheel motors just have one locking nut...
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    poloris 9300xi motors

    I found the manufacturer for the whole motor/gear assembly, but they refuse to sell small quantities. I think it's because they have an agreement with Polaris not to sell to the public. I believe I've found a possible source for replacement motors, just have not had time to check them out. The...
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    Issue with Polaris 9560

    Hey Poolgate, the cable connector does disassemble pretty easily. When you disassemble it, you'll see where the wires connect to the pins. There is a very small metric allen metric set screw that you use to connect the bare wire to the pin. Chances are the set screw is loose in the connector...
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    Where can I find a new power supply for Aquabot Fury

    Sorry RoxxW, I don't. I'm just good at Polaris due to having to learn the hard way ;)
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    Where can I find a new power supply for Aquabot Fury

    Sorry Vinnie, don't know why my message got cut off. I have repaired a bunch of Polaris power supplies with great success. If you'd like me to take a shot at yours, shoot me a PM. Edit by Jim R.
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    Where can I find a new power supply for Aquabot Fury

    Hey Vinnie, I have had luck repairing Polaris power supplies, but have not repaired Aquabot. If you want to,
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    Polaris 9650iq and 965iq

    Same cleaner, different color robot body.
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    Polaris P9550 review...

    Hey IrviPool, Any chance you will get a schematic for the motor block controller board? I have a couple of flooded boards that I'd like to repair, but even though I have a few parts documented, I still need to troubleshoot. I'm able to repair the surface mount components. Specifically, I need...
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    Polaris 9550 Sport Troubleshooting Help

    A couple of suggestions, not sure any will really address the issue: 1. For the upside down issue, I've seen a couple of units where even though you clean out the basket, there remains a film of stuff blocking the mesh. I've been able to solve those just by gently scrubbing the mesh with a...
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    Polaris P9550 review...

    Only advice is that if possible, remove from your pool when not using. The Polaris motor drive assemblies can leak over time (the motor seals, the drive seal). Being under water pressure and under chemical exposure tends to hasten those problems. Gets expensive when the drive assembly fails as...
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    Polaris 9550 does not work when submerged in water. Works on leslies diagnostics

    Not if water has invaded the motor block and shorted the control board :)
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    Polaris 9550 does not work when submerged in water. Works on leslies diagnostics

    Hey LLP, In my experience, my local Leslie's techs have absolutely no idea on how to fix these robots. Even though my local shop has the diagnostic tools, they totally gave me the wrong repair info, and quoted that I needed a new controller, cable and motor block and that the repair cost was...
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    Picking up used Polaris 9550

    I have a 9450 and really like it. I did have a faulty motor block, and the fine folk at Polaris were kind enough to send me a replacement unit after my local pool supply repair place (rhymes with Peslies) was totally incompetent to repair it (they insisted that it was the controller, motor block...
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    Issue with Polaris Sport 9550

    Just a quick suggestion to check out that the leaf basket is empty. I found that if the basket gets too full I sometimes get problems with the device flipping upside down. Also remove the basket and insure that nothing is blocking the impeller or drive wheels. The motor block assembly is...
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    Polaris 280 and booster pump about to fail. Time for a robot?

    One of the deciding factors for me is the price of electricity. Here in CA, the cost of electricity is so high that running the booster pump for even a couple of hours per day is very high. I had a 280 that ran for at least 10 years with 0 problems. I replaced the pump about 8 years ago, and...