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    Humming Pool Pump

    Hello everyone, Yesterday I noticed my pump not working. When i got closer to the pump and realized it had tripped the switch for the pump. After reseting the switch i turned the pool pump back on. Nothing happened except a small hummimg noise. After looking through some threads it looks as...
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    Cloudy pool won’t clear up

    Hello all, hope this is in the right thread. I’ve not been having the best time getting my pool ready this year. I neglected my pool for about A year in half when I had my youngest daughter. So it was pretty filthy. I drained just about all the water out and started over. It was ready to start...
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    Calcium Hardness level for AGP, Vinyl

    I've been looking around and have had a hard time trying to figure out what is the best levels for an AGP in reguards to calcium hardness. I realize this is not as important with having a vinyl liner, however I want to make sure I'm still within an acceptable range. Any help would be greatly...