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    Warm weather and salt concentration

    Will a pool's salt concentration measure differently if the water is 30 degrees warmer or colder?
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    SPA vs POOL

    I think I have a good handle using the TFP methods of maintaining a pool. Is there anything different with a SPA? My neighbor has the SPA and been using Bromine and ozone etc. and having trouble. I'm a Liquid Chlorine and Mauratic Acid guy. Can we just drain it and use the basic TFP procedures?
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    Pentair IC60 Question

    My cell is flashing a green light in CELL area of the STATUS section. The manual says that it is not generating and to inspect the cell. My question is; inspect the cell for what? It is very clean and registers that it is 20% used. What is my next step? Thanks!
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    Pentair Flow Switch vs. Generic

    Is there any "evidence" that a generic flow switch is any better or worse than the Pentair? Thanks
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    Pentair IC 15/40/60

    If the white wire from the flow switch is cut/broken what is the display result?
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    Pentair IC60 manufactured date?

    Does this serial number tell when the cell was manufactured? 000040020314
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    Thermistor ?

    My neighbor has a Hayward Swim Pure T-15. When he replaced the cell, the genaeric recorded 4900ppm Salt while the Taylor K-1766 showed 3600ppm. The lights indicated everthing was working and it was really generating Chlorine. He could cut the production down by 30% from the previous OME cell...
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    Pentair IC 60

    I have a Pentair IC 60 that just started flashing a green light in the check salt area. The Taylor K-1766 shows 3600ppm It has a between 1,000 and 2,000 hours of use. It was just cleaned and I replaced the flow switch. The flashing continued. What do you think? Thanks
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    Hayward Aqua Rite

    My neighbor has a Hayward Aqua Rite T-15 that I try and help him with. It is displaying the salt level at 4500ppm on instant and average. The Taylor test kit shows 3600ppm. It is not flashing "high salt". All the other diagnostic readings are good. I usually see the display reading lower than...
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    Salt Contentration?

    Will more salt (say 4,000ppm) produce more chlorine gas than (say 3,000ppm) if the controller is set to 100% for each?
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    Pentair IC SWG

    Is it possible for all the lights to be solid green, set to 100% and the cell be worn out and not producing? Manufactured in 2013. It shows 8,000 hours of use.
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    Hayward Swim Pure Salt Issue

    I've run into a neighbor's Hayward Swim Pure with a Hayward t-15 cell that flashes "check salt" daily. The display shows 2000. Instant salt reading is 3200. Taylor K1766 says 3000. I scroll to the instant salt reading (3200) and then to "super chlorinate" and back to "auto". The average...
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    Flow Switches Hayward / Pentair

    Could this Hayward flow switch be used with a Pentair SWG? It looks so similar. A little splicing and a fella could save $40...
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    Pentair SWG Question

    I ran into an IC 60 today with the following situation: SALT LEVEL.....Solid Green STATUS....... No Lights FLOW......Solid Green SANITATION OUTPUT.......All Lights Flashing Green The cell is clean and when I push and hold the MORE button, no lights come on, then back to all flashing green...
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    Pentair IC60 "Inspect Cell".......

    The "Inspect Cell" light is continuously flashing. It is very clean on the inside. How do I get the light to go off? Thanks
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    Salt Water Testing

    Is it important to get the pool water above 60 degrees to get an accurate Salt reading with the Taylor K-1766?
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    Is it possible...

    With a Hayward Swim Pure, is it possible to have both top two lights (Power & Generating) to be GREEN and the water be too cold (53) for it to be producing chlorine? I have had it running 24/7 for 3 days and losing 1ppm per day. No other lights are lit.
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    Pentair IC 60 ?

    When I press and hold the "more" button, no lights come on. 10,000 hours remaining? It's very clean. Now to the problem..... It was manufactured in 2013 but I don't think it was ever used. I hooked it up today and all the lights came on as they should but after a couple of minutes the "Salt...
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    Pentair / Hayward Flow Switch

    Except for the wiring, are the 2 flow switches interchangeable?
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    Spray Lube....

    Is there a spray Silicon Lubricant to use on O-Rings instead of Magic Lube? Thanks
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    Hayward Phoenix 4x AKA "The Pool Cleaner"

    My neighbor has the 4 year old cleaner and it is really not moving well around the pool as before. The tires have been replaced and there is good suction from the pump. As I lift it toward the surface, the wheels start moving pretty well but if I barely touch them, there is little resistance...
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    Pentair Power Supply

    Woke up to no lights on the cell...... The breaker at the panel was fine so I replaced the flow switch (I previously bought an extra because of all the failures posted on TFP). Still no lights. I wanted to check the fuse on the bottom of the power supply but the cheap plastic cap would not let...
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    IC40 not lighting up, power center fuse is good ???

    I'd start with a volt meter and see where the electricity stops.
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    Is this normal?

    For the past few years my pool has lost 20 ppm of CYA annually. No rain over flow or splash out occurs. Some how I got the idea that CYA didn't leave once it was in?
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    CYA Loss

    Every year I have to add 8 lbs of CYA to maintain the 70ppm. There pool is only used a couple of times per year so splash out is not an issue. I don't have a DE filter. Somehow I got the impression that CYA didn't leave the pool unless you drained water?
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    Neighbor left pool unattended

    My neighbor just walked away from their house. I'm assuming it will be foreclosed on. Unfortunately, my main view is their fenced backyard and pool. It would kill me if I had to look at a green pool until a new owner gets it together. What if I took 2-3 of the 3" chlorine tabs and just threw...
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    Is this a general rule?

    The water temp of the pool water at my neighbors and my house is 52 degrees. I have a Pentair that will not generate but my neighbors Hayward is working. Do most Hayward's work at lower temperatures compared to the Pentair brand?
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    Cartridge Filter Cleaning

    My Pleatco Cartridge Filter is less than 2 years old. I currently soak it in a trash can with laundry detergent and hose it down real well. The PSi never gets down to where a new filter would be. Is there a better (stronger) cleaner. How about E Z OFF Oven Cleaner...?
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    Need an spare Hayward Flow switch?

    Might checkout Hayward Goldline OEM Aqua Rite Flow Switch Replacement 15 GLX-FLO-RP | eBay New OEM Hayward Goldline Part $4.00 includes shipping........ 239 sold