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    Proper CH numbers for a 4 month old pool and other water chemistry questions before I take action.

    Hello, I have a 4 month old gunnite pool with Pebblescapes Mini Pebble Tahoe Blue as the plaster. The pool is about 17,500 gallons including the spa. I was using a pool guy but he went MIA recently so I am doing the testing myself. Now that I am testing the pool again I am seeing some data...
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    Just checked my security cam and the pool builder just put in salt today for the first time.

    The issue is the pool was plastered 9/16/19 and now it's 10/2/19. I was not told he was doing this today. This seems really early. Am I being paranoid? The plaster is Tahoe Blue Stonescapes Mini Pebble with Glass.
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    New Pool Build in process

    Hello everyone, My name is Kevin, and I live in Charlotte, NC. I just posted details of the pool we are building in the “Under Construction” section. We hope the project will be completed in a month. We just got plumbing inspection approval. Thank you all already for the pool school. I used a...
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    New NC Pool Under Construction

    Unfortunately, I found this website after signing the contract, but I did get 8 quotes, so hopefully I covered most of the bases. Let me know what you think. Only a few changes from the details/design provided below: we are placing 2 ft wide artificial turf around the sides rather than decking...