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    New Build - Austin, Texas - IntelliCenter Questions

    We are still in the design phase with 3 PBs to get quotes, but started this whole process with our own sketch of what we wanted, so the designs are substantially similar. We would like to get some feedback to see if there are improvements possible with our design. High Level Summary 45’ x 28’...
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    Pentair MicroBrite Lights Only

    I commonly see advice to go all in on the Pentair MicroBrites only (as opposed to IntelliBrites and GloBrites). Has anyone actually done this? How well do MicroBrites only light up the pool? Is anyone willing to share pictures?
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    Pentair IntelliBrite vs GloBrite vs MicroBrite

    Hi all, I am working to design a new pool and I am trying to decide on lights. I am going to go with Pentair equipment, so I am trying to pick between the Pentair IntelliBrite vs GloBrite vs MicroBrite. I just can't seem to find a good source to compare these lights. Does anyone have a good...