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    Borax Shortage?

    Is anyone else having trouble finding borax? I’m in western Virginia and every Walmart and grocery store and Target are out and have been out. Is there an alternative? My pool is in need!!!
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    Vacuum to waste?

    This is my first time opening on my own. I got the mesh cover off, and there is a layer of debris on the steps and bottom of pool. I know there are leaves in there, too. We’ve had a lot of rain, so there’s more water than needed in the pool. My question is, should I vacuum to waste first or try...
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    Wrinkled liner

    Now that my water is clearing up, I can see big wrinkles in the shallow end. Some of the bigger ones flap over about an inch. I went in today with a clean plunger and tried to suction them out like I’ve read in other posts, but nothing moved. The liner is only 3 years old and the water is...
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    Where is the leak and how do I begin to fix it?

    I just opened my pool Sunday, and began to SLAM yesterday. I just noticed there’s water coming out of the pump at the bottom. How do I even begin to figure out where the leak is coming from? It sounds like there’s water swishing around where the dial is (don’t remember if that was normal. Only...
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    Should I add more bleach before OCLT testing?

    I've SLAMmed my pool, and am going to do the OCLT tonight. Here are the numbers I just got from testing: FC=6.5 CC=0 CYA=30 pH=7.2 So my question is, do I need to add more chlorine to get back up to the SLAM level, or do I leave everything as it is since they're at the normal levels?
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    Can I start to SLAM?

    I was wondering how long after adding the stabilizer you have to wait before SLAMming the pool. The previous owners had the pool refilled last spring, so it's only had one summer of pool store maintenance. I tested the water this past Monday and Tuesday with the TF-100 kit, and both tests came...
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    Opened pool for first time and have SLAM questions

    So I finally got all the gunk and debris vacuumed out of my pool, and then tested the water with the TF-100 test kit. My results were: FC=0 CC=0 TC=0 TA=90...
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    Will this timer work with my pump?

    First, I'm so glad I found this site! When we bought our house last spring, I was dreading having to learn how to take care of the pool on top of unpacking and taking care of the kids. I muddled through it and quickly learned the importance of staying on top of pool maintaining (and how quickly...