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    LED Light Wet Niche Conduit

    Hi, Just putting my conduit runs in for my lights. THe lights are at 14" below wall height. How high should I come up close to ground level to keep water out of most of the run. Assuming skimmer depth of 4 inches below wall I was thinking 2 inches? The conduit runs are home run back to...
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    Light location and depth

    Hi, building a 48 inch wall 32X16 steel walled sports pool with 4' - 5.5' - 4' depth in a kidney configuration. I am curious what is recommendation for the depth of the niche light to be installed. I have heard that same as the return which is near the surface, but not sure what is best. I...
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    Bonding Pool Water

    For those who don't have a metal ladder, and don't have metal pool light niches; what is the preferred way of bonding the pool water as per NEC 680.26(C) ?
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    Sand as Steel Wall Backfill

    Hi, PB is recommending backfill of steel walled vinyl inground pool with sand. Most recommendations I have seen have been for 3/4 inch clean rock. There isn't alot of discussion I can find on using sand, except for fibreglass pools. Is sand a good choice? Why or why not? We are in an area...
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    Overdig a little too small

    Hi, When I sprayed the overdig for my pool, I sprayed 2 foot. Since the walls are not exactly plumb straight down, I have somewhere between 1 to 1.5 feet at the bottom grade instead of the requisite 2 feet. Do I need to dig this all out to 2 feet+ around the entire perimeter, or can I just...
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    Main Drains in Sport Pool

    Hi, just a question about main drains. Is there an issue having main drains in a vinyl liner sport pool where the center is only 5.5' deep. I am worried mostly that people will stand on them. PB thinks I should have them and I agree; but not sure if recommendations are different for shallower...
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    Crush Rock under concrete pool bottom

    Hi, I am building a steel wall inground sport pool. I am having a PB come in to build the walls, pool bottom and collar. The pool bottom will be concrete. The PB has recommended I overexcavate 2 inches and put in 2 inches of crush rock as a base for setting the walls and the concrete bottom...
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    Dig profile before or after wall erection

    Hi, We are building a kidney shape sport pool. Depth goes from 48" to 64" to 48" starting at 7 feet from each end of the 32"X18" pool with 2 feet in the middle at max depth. It seems overly difficult to try to determine exactly where the slope and deep part should be without having the pool...
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    Building Pool where Septic Tank Was

    Hi, We are building a pool and the excavation area includes the location of our Septic Tank that was recently decommissioned. The tank will be removed during excavation. It is located where our shallow end will be (48" steel wall vinyl liner pool). The tank is plastic and currently extends...