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    Help Setting up Pump Speeds/Run Times

    I'm sure there is a resource that will help me figure this out, so please point me in that direction if it already exists. I have a Pentair Easy Touch with Pentair Intelliflo Variable Speed pump and Pentair Intellichlor IC40 SWG. My pool is around 18,000 gal, two skimmers, 5 returns, if any of...
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    Sales? Where to buy?

    Ready to buy a vacuum. Do they go on sale or rebates for 4th of July? hate to buy one and see a big discount a week later. best place to buy?
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    TFP100 salt level?

    Just started my SWG, so haven’t bothered thinking about salt test until now, and seems that is not included in my TFP100? Am I missing something or do I need to go get something else to check salt levels?
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    Just finished!

    Had the final preps done Tuesday, plaster (Luna Quartz Martinique color) applies Wednesday, acid washed Thursday, and started filling.
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    step marker tiles required?

    I was contemplating adding some tiles on bench and/or steps, mostly for aesthetics. Was discussing with a couple of pool owner friends, and at least one of them thought it might be Code-required. Anyone know if there is any requirement on this? (self-build so no pool builder to advise). Thanks