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    The kids' feet

    When playing very active games in our concrete pool, the skin on my big toe gets pretty tore up. I don't think its water chemistry but just too much friction from running and jumping, etc. No big deal in my opinion.
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    need help with filter install leaking

    Once the clamp is on the filter, use a rubber mallet every so often as your tightening it down to tap around the clamp. It makes a big difference.
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    Question about filter pressure.

    Pretty much same setup...pretty easy job to clean but you definitely need to take em out. A trick showed to me by my builder was when reassembling tank, use a rubber mallet intermittently to knock the retaining ring tight as you tighten the screw. Works like a charm.
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    losing pressure?

    My pool was built over the winter. 16000 gallon gunite with 1 hp pump, cartridge filter (4 cartridges), 36" waterfall, 4 returns and an outlet for a booster pump cleaner that has a 1.5 hp booster pump. On the intake side: One skimmer and the normal non-vortex main drain. Generally, I run the...
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    Ph always high.

    My TA is on the low side actually...about 70. I figure if my ph is going to run high, that it safer to run a lower TA so it will be less prone to depositing scale. Is that a correct statement?
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    pool newbie

    I know nothing about salt water generators but have had two was an existing gunite pool at our previous house and we just had our second gunite pool built in our current house. I've used BBB method for both pools and it is for sure the way to go. I can only hope that you bought a...
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    Ph always high.

    Our 15,000 gallon concrete pool was just built this past winter. I've been using Trichlor pucks in a feeder to chlorinate but am switching to bleach because my cya is about where it needs to be. My ph stays high...about 8. I can add 1/2 gallon or more of acid and it brings the ph down into...
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    How quick does chlorine dissipate?

    What type of stains are you talking about?
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    Pucks without stabilizer?

    Thanks for the help guys...I'll quit the feeder use the bleach. Our previous house had no chlorine feeder and I used strictly bleach, so I'm used to the routine. Like I say, was just checking to see if there was another option for the feeder and seeing that there is not, I see bleach as the...
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    Pucks without stabilizer?

    Ugh...I'm comfortable using bleach for my chlorinating needs...but have gotten used to the convenience of the feeder and hoped there was another option.
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    Pucks without stabilizer?

    WHere can I get chlorine pucks to put in my feeder that don't have stablizer in them. Just had pool built in November and CYA levls are about where they need to be...if not a bit high already!
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    Help me get clear water in my new pool!

    Hi, I'm in South Carolina and just had a gunite pool built. Water has been in pool for about 25 days. I've yet to get the water crystal clear. I'm a former pool owner having had a previous home with an existing gunite pool. Keeping water crystal clear was always easy with old pool using...
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    One skimmer enough??

    Are pool is getting shot on Monday. I was surprised that the builder is only putting in one skimmer. Our last pool which was existing at the hosue we moved into was 16x32 and had 2 skimmers (it was modified kidney). Our new pool is 16 x 32, more of a modified roman style..with the back of the...
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    Pool building is hurting

    We couldn't get a home equity loan in this market but I was able to get a $30,000 unsecured personal loan with a 7 year term through Capital One at either 6.9% or 7.9 (i'm embarrassed i can't remember which rate is correct) and I thought that was a great deal. We did have to come out of pocket...
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    need help with wall accents

    We're having a pool built that will have a 3' beam wall along the back side. THe pool is being modeled after this one: Instead of the 3 wall sconces as seen in this one, there will be a 3' sheer waterfall in the middle and I'm thinking I want some kind of accent (no water features) on...
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    Starskys' pool build

    Great looking pool. What is the name of the tile you chose? Looks very similar to what we are getting which is Roca Ocean or something like that by National Pool Tile.
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    Incremental cost of Pebbletec?

    I think when we got our pool resurfaced, pebbletec (or Diamondbrite..cant remember which it was) was about $2500-$3000 more than the white plaster. If you plan on staying in that house, it would be worth your while to get the aggregate finish IMO.
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    Need pool building advice (and lots of it!)

    Here's a 32' x 16' plan we are going with...though it doesn't have a sun deck. Trying to model this one:
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    Classic pool store moment - Leslies doesn't like BBB

    I have experience as a homebrewer. I know all about carboys! :goodjob:
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    Sport Pool - Anyone Regret?

    It's not an easy someone said, it's a compromise either way. I had a sport pool and loved it. We're in initial contracting stages now for a new build and are looking to get another sport pool that ranges from 3 1/2' to 5' in depth. I think a depth where everyone can reach bottom...
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    Grill Dome?

    I just bought a used Big Green Egg (large) and I have experience using an offset cooker for many years. I've actually been without a cooker for about 3 years because our offset rusted up and was looking like Crud so I ditched it...knowing that my next one would be a ceramic so it took a while...