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    5 years with a Compupool cps-60

    I thought I would send a review of 5 years experience with this. The product actually works quite well, but and a big but. They leak, the cell leaks, the couplings leak. The sell housing leaks because it cracks. The cell housing is made of styrene which is very brittle and cracks very easily. I...
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    Trying to avoid a green pool- please help

    When your pool was blasted all the calcium on the side went right into the water. This is what you are seeing. When you have the calcium removed from the side of the pool at the water line you should change the water in the pool, this way the excess calcium is run down the drain. When I have...
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    My experience with CO2

    An addition to my previous post: My current pool has a SWG and that is the reason for trying CO2. Normal operation of the SWG tends to raise pH. During the summer when the pool water temp. is above 80deg F the SWG has to work harder to keep up with the chlorine demand hence the greater effect...
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    Looking for comments Compupool CSPC36 (Good/Bad/Ugly) SOLVED

    Re: Looking for comments on Compupool CSPC36 (Good/Bad/Ugly) I have had a Compu Pool in service for over a year now. It is a well built unit and has some good features. It is easy to clean and has good water flow. It has a internal timer for the pump or you can use a external timer. Has been...
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    My experience with CO2

    I built a CO2 system and used it for a couple of years. I used my home automation to time the injection. In fact I still have a 20lb CO2 bottle that is empty. In my experience it didn't work out too well. I live in AZ and it gets hot here. The CO2 bottles are under very high pressure and if...
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    Paristaltic pump operation

    I used a peristaltic pump for acid addition for about 5 years. Worked great. Many of the pumps have a knob for speed adjustment. I used a timer to run the pump when the filter pump was running. Required a little tweaking to get the timing correct. On most pools the pH moves very slowly so it...
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    Methinks 'previously frozen' may not be so smart after all

    Re: Methinks 'previously frozen' may not be so smart after a Any frozen meat the water in the meat is frozen the meat fiber isn't, this upsets the moisture content of the meat. Since the water is separated from the meat tissue itself it changes the texture of the meat and also the flavor. You...
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    Zodiac/ Clearwater LM2-40 SWG

    You have probably used up your cell. There are some pool stores that can test your cell. You might have to call several to find one. The cell has a special coating on the plates to prevent oxidation, when this coating is used up the cell will oxidize and not draw any current. The only way to...
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    My ClearWater Lm2 is not creating any Chlonine :S

    One thing to check is that on some test kits if you have TOO high chlorine level the indication is that your chlorine is zero. This is because the chlorine bleaches out the indicator dye. Try using only 2 drops of each bottle instead of 5 and see what your get. If you get a reading then you will...
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    4 Months and Three Pump Replacements/Ladder Corrosion !! ..

    I would suggest that the bolts in your ladder were not Stainless Steel. One way to test this is to use a small magnet, if it sticks to the bolt it is NOT stainless. Also, motors for pool pumps have all stainless or ceramic parts in the seal. I have had Salt pools for over 10 years now and...
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    SWG purchase advice

    I recently installed a CompuPool unit. It seems to be very well built and the price was right. I installed a 40,000 gal unit on a 25,000 gallon pool. It seems to make plenty of chlorine running 6 hours a day. The plates are further apart to reduce calcium clogging. I due notice that it will...
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    Is an over-sized salt cell a wise investment for a pool owner?

    Re: Is an over-sized salt cell a wise investment for a pool owne The original question was, would a larger cell last longer. A larger cell would have smaller current density per cm2. I think the real question is what is the failure mode of the cells. The basic function of the cell is to be...
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    Ozone + SWG

    I forgot about the previous thread as it is a couple of years old. What brought this up was a friend bought a Bank-repo house(got a really good price) and the home has a pool. He asked me to take a look as he hasn't ever had a pool. The pool had no attention for at least 6 months or more. The...
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    Ozone + SWG

    I have found a manufacturer(Del-Zone) that has a unit that put Ozone(O3) before a SWG. They and others claim the this increases the efficiency of the SWG. The question is what effect would O3 on the conductance of the water. My thought is that it would do nothing. I would think that...
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    New plaster-2 Gal of Acid and PH finally moves!

    It is common practice to use what is called a low pH startup on new pools(or replasters). On Pebble finish pools the acid that is used to wash the final finish is left in the pool. This can be a several gallons of acid on a larger pool. The same for plaster pools. Sometimes additional acid is...
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    Ponderings on SWCG pH chemistry and TA

    I have used a CO2 system for a couple of years now and here are my thoughts. Does it control pH, yes. I have noticed that when CO2 is used the lowering pH effect is not as long lasting as using acid. At best the effect is short lived. You must add it several times a day to achieve any sort of...
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    Teflon Tape and You

    Don't use teflon tape on plastic fittings it almost guaranties leaks. Most pool stores, Home Depot and Lowes has what looks like a large white crayon. It comes with various names. and is a very thick version of pipe dope. Just rub some of it in the threads an assemble. Most pool plumbers and...
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    Winter pool tile cleaning methods

    The only way to clean the white bath tub ring is to have it done professionally. They will use glass beads to blast off the calcium, this is the only process that really works. If you don't want the white ring then you will have to reduce the calcium in the water. There is a company in...
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    Hayward multiport valve questions?

    Here is a tip for a Hayward valves. Take them apart and lube the small o-ring that is on the shaft to the handle. This will stop the small leaks. Cliff s
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    Selecting Auto Pool Cleaner: price is an issue

    I have owned a Hayward Navigator and if you have a PebbleTec pool it will wear out the parts about every other year, also they are very sensitive to small rocks and sticks that will stop them. I know own a Zodiac G5. It looks weird and I was very doubtful it would work, but I tried it anyway...
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    Hayward H400 Ignition Failure

    I have found that after heavy rains the combustion fan switch gets water in it and then the heater will cycle like you describe. There is a small rubber hose that connects to the sensor, be sure there is not water in it. This sensor tells the controller that the combustion fan is running and it...
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    Much higher chlorine than expected

    The amount of Chlorine needed is directly related to pool water temp. It goes down very fast with water temp. Water temp of 65 deg needs little chlorine added to maintain the chlorine level. The opposite when the water temp increases. Above 78 deg the amount of chlorine needed raises rather...
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    Need new pump quick, mine just died

    Almost every part of a pump can be replaced. There are only 2 moving parts in a pump the impeller and the motor shaft. If the motor doesn't run or blows the breaker it could only be a switch or the starting capacitor. Even if the whole motor has to be replaced it is a good deal cheaper than the...
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    Just curious would a CO2 feeder work well?

    Here is a addition to my previous post. I have used both acid pump system and a CO2 system for several years and here are the conclusions I have reached. The CO2 system does work but its disadvantage is that you have to control the TA seperately. The only way to control TA is to add acid, well...
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    Building Chlorine Injector

    In my previous pool I had a Peristaltic pump to inject chlorine. I used a Mec-o-matic pump, the smallest model and a 15 gal plastic drum. The pump was about $225 and the drum $15. The pump came with enough plastic pipe to do the plumbing. The pump had a knob on the front to adjust it and I...
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    Taylor Test Kit Expiration???

    FWIW: I ran into a problem with a Taylor reagent R-0002 that was not quite a year old. When measuring chlorine it would not indicate over 1.5 ppm no matter how high the chlorine level. I would suggest using the small bottles of reagent and replacing them at least once a year. Cliff s
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    Chlorine issues? Salt levels? - Image intensive

    A couple of suggestions: Be sure your SWG is a self cleaning model. Call the manfacturer if necessary. Here in the Valley(Phoenix) there is just too much calcium in the water to have a non-selfcleaning model work satisfactory. By the looks of the cell it is not a self cleaning model. The...
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    Repair Hayward Phantom cleaner or buy a new Polaris??

    If you decide to replace our cleaner I would suggest a Zodiac G-4. They look wierd, but do a great job of cleaning the pool and it will crawl up the sides and clean them too. Since they are about as simple of a device(one moving part) there is with little to go wrong. Cliff s
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    Stenner pumps/tanks

    I had a similiar setup in my last house. I used a peristaltic pump and a 15 gal. plastic drum. This will last almost a month in most cases. The smallest pump is more than enough as you will only need less than a gallon a day. Most pumps have a way to adjust their output. Once you get it set...
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    Tiny my return

    Here is a tip: Jandy valves leak air if they are on the input side of the pump. Take the valve apart(remove all those screws) and then generously lube the seal O-Ring and the O-Ring on the handle shaft. Reinstall the valve, air leaks solved. Cliff s