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    Leaks more when overfull.

    Hi we have an issues with a client's pool. When he keeps it at the line on the skimmer (Aqua Genie) the water level stays perfect. When he goes 1.5" above the line, he loses about 1" over 24 hours. This is verified with a bucket test. (The water is not above the lip of the skimmer.) Any...
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    Overflows and auto fills

    Hi I am thinking of incorporating auto fills (and possibly overflows) into my vinyl pools. I am tired of clients calling during drought conditions and saying they have a leak. What would you guys recommend? Any luck with certain products? Thanks, Brad
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    Skimmer tee'd to wall fitting

    We are an experienced pool builder but need some help in design. In our area, people just use the skimmer for the suction with no bottom drains. In yards with trees, the skimmer basket needs to be emptied often, sometimes 2 times a day. We fear some people may be starving the pump. Over the...
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    Plugging an Aqua Genie return - DIY?

    We use a rubber gasket to seal the return fan jet. Take out the 6 screws, remove the summer gasket and insert a winter gasket. We keep them in stock and they are around $20 to our clients. Otherwise, Aqua Genie makes a solid plastic insert that replaces the fan jet. It also uses the 6 screws...
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    VGB Wall Suction fitting - which type to use

    We anticipate the requirement of a couple of extra wall suctions on a vinyl pool that we are building that has 2 waterfalls. The 2 skimmers on the pool will provide the water for the pool and spa returns. (We removed the bottom drains from all of our pool designs for safety about 10 years...
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    New pool build - plumbing schematics help please

    Hi all..... We are contractor building a new 16 x 32 IG pool with a spillover spa and waterfall. We are from the great white north and do not install spillovers very often. Can someone recommend a plumbing schematic for: Hayward 250,000 gas heater Hayward Pro Logic P4 Actuators C4030 filter...