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    Vacuum screenings

    We just purchased a new pool cleaner. We had a Polaris pressure side cleaner that was no longer effective. We now have a Dolphin Triton PS. I ran the cleaner twice to get everything off of the bottom. It did a great job! However, the filter on this cleaner is very fine, which is a good thing...
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    CYA Question

    Hello, New to TFP and I have a few questions regarding stabilizer. I completed a test, all except for calcium hardness, and here are the results: FC- 6.5 CC- 0 Ph- 7.5 TA- 120 CYA- 20 I have a SWG so I clearly need to get the CYA up. Here are my questions: When completing the test should I...
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    Hello from NC

    Hello TFP! We installed our pool in 2014 and we have opened up in anticipation of the warm weather season! We have a 20 by 40 radius rectangle, 3ft to 8ft in vinyl. All our equipment is Jandy, except for the Polaris pressure side robot. We live in NC, just about 20 minutes west of Charlotte...