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    Hello, my name is Dave B. ...

    Well, better you than me! But I guess this is how the science of pool care advances--through experimentation. Exactly how long are you planning to keep this up? As soon as you see signs of damage, are you going to reverse yourself and abide by cannon, or will you continue to experiment? The rest...
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    Georgia: Bison rescued from swimming pool

    Depending on how long that creature was in the pool, it might be time to replace the filters! If it were me, I'd probably have to drain and refill. Just the thought of swimming in the same water as a big wet fur-covered hamburger...
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    Just discovered your great site with much helpful info about

    I wish I'd known about this place ten years ago when I bought my first house with an in-ground pool! Since then I've owned two more houses with in-ground pools, and while I managed to take care of them, if I'd been armed with the information here, I would've saved myself a lot of trouble.!
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    WOW, this site is awesome!

    Search function is your best friend when trying to navigate any forum. I have been wondering what does it take to convert a skimmer. That's a lot easier than I thought it would be.
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    New Pool Owner

    I'd say, while the previous owner may not have been a pro, you can probably rely on him when he say's he's never had to close the pool or otherwise had trouble. I've purchased a few homes with pools already installed--if only because a standard in-ground pool often lowers the resale value, and I...