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    losing pressure?

    My pool was built over the winter. 16000 gallon gunite with 1 hp pump, cartridge filter (4 cartridges), 36" waterfall, 4 returns and an outlet for a booster pump cleaner that has a 1.5 hp booster pump. On the intake side: One skimmer and the normal non-vortex main drain. Generally, I run the...
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    Ph always high.

    Our 15,000 gallon concrete pool was just built this past winter. I've been using Trichlor pucks in a feeder to chlorinate but am switching to bleach because my cya is about where it needs to be. My ph stays high...about 8. I can add 1/2 gallon or more of acid and it brings the ph down into...
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    Pucks without stabilizer?

    WHere can I get chlorine pucks to put in my feeder that don't have stablizer in them. Just had pool built in November and CYA levls are about where they need to be...if not a bit high already!
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    Help me get clear water in my new pool!

    Hi, I'm in South Carolina and just had a gunite pool built. Water has been in pool for about 25 days. I've yet to get the water crystal clear. I'm a former pool owner having had a previous home with an existing gunite pool. Keeping water crystal clear was always easy with old pool using...
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    One skimmer enough??

    Are pool is getting shot on Monday. I was surprised that the builder is only putting in one skimmer. Our last pool which was existing at the hosue we moved into was 16x32 and had 2 skimmers (it was modified kidney). Our new pool is 16 x 32, more of a modified roman style..with the back of the...
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    need help with wall accents

    We're having a pool built that will have a 3' beam wall along the back side. THe pool is being modeled after this one: Instead of the 3 wall sconces as seen in this one, there will be a 3' sheer waterfall in the middle and I'm thinking I want some kind of accent (no water features) on...