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    Are the recommended Calcium Hardness levels higher now?

    Doing my first full panel in a while and when I went to the new Recommended Levels interactive page ( What Are My Ideal Pool Levels? - Trouble Free Pool ) I saw the CH figures are recommending 350-550. Normally I pick a middle point so I would need to bring my CH up to 450. Have I not been...
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    Why would pool be growing algae if my numbers are correct?

    The main numbers anyway.. using the chart: CL is kept at 8 every couple of days with me tesing and adding liquid, I have not had it drop below 6 on my tests - at least recently. For a while CYA was between 30 and 40 - it would...
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    During lockdown how can I use pucks to supplement bleach?

    I have ten gallons of bleach ready to go and bought an 8 pound jug of pucks as I am unsure if we will be allowed to go to the pool store when lockdown is implemented. I have only ever used liquid CL, how many pucks should I use to help supplement the liquids? It's a 15,000 gal in ground pool...
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    My in-line chlorinator just blew up..

    So this is nice.. Woke up this morning like I have been for years, the pool turned on like it has for years, I get my coffee like I have for years, I looked out the window like I have for years.. OH NO WHAT IS ALL THAT WATER SPRAYING EVERYWHERE?!!? I run over to the pool equipment and this...
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    Can I run my pool filter less?

    4 hours right now at 2100rpms Can I reduce it? It's screened in so debris really doesn't get in it, I am only concerned about making sure the chlorine gets mixed up and the water is filtered as needed. I just dont want to reduce the run time so much that my pool turns green.
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    Stabilizer dropped from 60 to somewhere below 30 in a little more than a month!

    I am in panic mode, as I am apt to have happen to me about such things. I did my monthly reading today, which was a couple weeks delayed because I was having work done at the house and really have been on a bad schedule the past 3 weeks, and when it came time for the CYA check I was...
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    Running my pump at 2500rpms for 4.5 hours a day, can I reduce the RPMs?

    I know there is a lot of "it depends" but I don't know how to do the math or calculate this all out. As sig says it is a 15,000 sqft pool in Florida, screened in, lots of sun all day. Variable speed Pentair pump so I can have it do whatever. I set it at 2,500rpms a year ago because it seemed...
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    Using pucks in floaters when away on vacation.. what's the math on this?

    So outside of getting someone to come to my house to add liquid, which isn't always a possibility, is there any math or formulas to determine how many pucks i would need to maintain a safe level of CL during a week long trip? From my thread on my SLAM from the past couple of days I am trying to...
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    Went away for two days and the pool went green. I think I know what went wrong, I hope..

    So yeah, I think I know what I did wrong but I figure I would post here to confirm my suspicions. Pool details in sig, using the standard TFT test kit. Pool enclosed by a screen. Before I left I took a full panel of readings, I had been maintaining my CL at 7 with a CYA around 50. The CYA...
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    No matter what I do the pH keeps climbing.

    Pool specs in sig. Using the TFT Test Kit. So I think I have a handle on the pool for the most part, test everything with the kit, keep my levels in line, it's perfectly clear and wonderful. The only thing I cannot yet wrangle is the pH. I am adding lots of acid all the time and it keeps...
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    Is this the correct liquid stabilizer to raise my CYA?

    This isn't the solid vs liquid debate, I am just checking that the chemical makeup of this product I bought is correct and the online calculator liquid section would be valid. Right now CYA is at 30 or below and I want to raise it up to 50 for the summer season which is starting down in...
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    What do I need to relearn if I switch from a chlorine based pool to a salt water one?

    So I am fine with the chlorine pool I have now, I test it twice a week, do my chemicals, add liquid Cl based on my liquid CYA, check PH, check CH, use the calculator etc, etc etc... pool doesn't go green and everyone is happy. So I say I move into a house and get a brand new salt water based...
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    Bottom of pool pitting, am I doomed?

    The previous owners kept the pool with a CYA reading somewhere off the charts over 100 and a pH reading of we don't care. When I bought the place I had to use my aquarium water test kit to see how far over 8 it was kept. Since then I have brought it down and tried to maintain around 7.6 as...
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    What should my TA be at? Conflicting info in threads and chart

    Specs in signature. K-2006 test kit. I have always gone off the chart here: Pool School - Recommended Levels It says for a plaster pool TA should be 70-90+, so I went with the "+" and have always kept it around 100. Not sure why but I must have read it someplace when I started on the TFP...
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    Can I add chlorine when the pump is off?

    My pump runs from 10a-2pm, which is when I am at work during the week. Weekends is fine, I test and add chemicals at some point when it's running, but during the week, especially in the summer, I like to test and add multiple times. Thing is I am at work from 8 - 5. Can I test it in the...
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    Central Florida - Pools are not closed, what should I do different during "winter"?

    Central Florida - Pools are not closed, what should I do different during "winter"? No one closes their pools in central Florida, the concept doesn't exist. It does get too cold to swim and that's where I am now. Should I do anything different over the next 5 or 6 months when I am not...
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    Adding calcium chloride by volume means use a measuring cup, right?

    Okay I am totally daft this morning. I need to raise my calcium hardness, typed in my numbers into the calculator like I always do, and it spit out 142 oz by volume. As this is a dry chemical, I just measure it in the same measuring cups, right? I have read not to put too much in at the same...
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    The TFTestKits 2006 reagent replacements, are they Taylor or 3rd party?

    Getting ready to order but have my one last question, are the reagents from Taylor? I looked at the photos posted and saw they have TFTestKit labels on them, not Taylor like the ones in my kit currently. Does the website make their own reagents or just putting their own labels on things?
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    Snapped a clip on my Polaris 360. Did I just make a $500 mistake?

    Taking it apart to check the belts and oops, super brittle plastic and me pushing too hard resulted in this: So did I just make this whole thing garbage now?
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    My Polaris stopped moving. That's all I know. I am new to this.

    So the first question would be "What model number is it?" I dont know! I pulled it up to take a look and couldn't find anything written on it. I do know it's the model that works on the returns instead of an intake. Here is what else I know, nothing has changed on the Polaris, it's been...
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    How often should I test my CYA? Central Florida.

    The CYA test that came with the Taylor kit is very small and only will allow for at most a handful of CYA tests. pH, FC, all the rest I can do multiple times a week for months but the CYA I will be lucky if I have enough test for 4 times. How often should I be testing it to make sure things...
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    Unscrewed my diverter grease caps and the whole thing came off.

    I was following the guide on how to add grease to your diverter valves when they are tough to move and unscrewed the caps expecting to find a place to add my pool safe grease but instead found this: The inside bit looks stuck to the outside bit. Both of them are the same, when I unscrew...
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    What do I add to my routine next? New in ground concrete owner.

    In ground concrete pool, Florida, aprox. 15,000 gallons, variable speed pump. I use the K-2006 test kit recommended here. My routine now is to check the FC levels twice a week and add the appropriate amount of liquid chlorine to get it up to the proper target, which for me is 12. I also test...
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    I say I don't use pucks in floaters. They look at me like I am a flat-earth nut

    It’s always the same conversation when the topic of pools come up. They ask what kind of pucks I use and if I put them in a floater or an automatic chlorinator. I respond saying I do neither and add liquid twice a week after doing tests myself. Then they look at me, say I am a crazy person...
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    Inside my skimmer is a second hole plugged up by some material that's falling apart..

    New house, new pool owner, figuring things out. So far what we know: This is a cartridge filtered in-ground pool, chlorine based, approx. 15,000 gallons. I opened up the skimmer to see whats in there and when I took the basket out I noticed that there is a second hole which is filled in with...
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    Does anyone know how I can backwash on this setup?

    This is the filter and pump setup: It's a cartridge filter and a IntelliFlo Variable Speed Pump. If I need to post more info on the setup let me know and I can fill in the details.
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    Feedback needed on prior owner’s pump schedule

    Hello all, I am a new pool owner in Florida and right now know the following about my pool: It's filled with water. I will be updating my signature as I learn more about it. I have had some folks estimate it's a 15,000 gallon pool, the prior owners, who were not the original, had no idea...