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    5 years with a Compupool cps-60

    I thought I would send a review of 5 years experience with this. The product actually works quite well, but and a big but. They leak, the cell leaks, the couplings leak. The sell housing leaks because it cracks. The cell housing is made of styrene which is very brittle and cracks very easily. I...
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    My experience with CO2

    I built a CO2 system and used it for a couple of years. I used my home automation to time the injection. In fact I still have a 20lb CO2 bottle that is empty. In my experience it didn't work out too well. I live in AZ and it gets hot here. The CO2 bottles are under very high pressure and if...
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    Ozone + SWG

    I have found a manufacturer(Del-Zone) that has a unit that put Ozone(O3) before a SWG. They and others claim the this increases the efficiency of the SWG. The question is what effect would O3 on the conductance of the water. My thought is that it would do nothing. I would think that...