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    Arctic Lagoon Tile

    I have the arctic glass tile also. I think it would be hard to get it more perfect. Ours has some slight imperfections with the install. Fortunately, the tile is so shimmery and beautiful, no one can tell.
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    4 vs 3 wedding cake steps for inground gunite pool?

    I strongly recommend a hand rail. As others said, pretty, “design” ones are available. Our pool is 4 feet in the shallow end with 4 steps. The number of steps has little impact on ease of getting in and out of the pool. We do not have a handrail. Elderly relatives cannot get in and out of...
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    NEW Fiberglass pool Cracked! Need Advice

    How confident are your that if a problem arises several years from now, the company will be in business and willing / able to honor the warranty claim? Is the warranty transferable to a new homeowner if you sell your house? I would want to be very confident that warranty is meaningful...
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    Iridescent glass tile on raised wall--blinding glare??

    We have the arctic ice also with Tahoe blue pebbletec. I would say go with ice if you want to match the water color and go with lagoon if you want to contrast. We installed the ice on grey thinset with grey grout
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    Depth Question

    Our pool is 4 to 6 ft deep and we have 4 steps in the shallow end which seem to be perfect.
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    Poll: Flagstone vs Pavers

    We have pavers laid on concrete slab so no possibility of weeds. We also have bluestone coping. The bluestone is hotter than a pistol in temps 80 or above, while the pavers stay relatively cool even with temps in the 90s. But, our pavers are light grey. A nearby hotel has darker pavers and...
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    New build in Fairfax Virginia

    I almost picked that tile -- love it!!
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    Pebble Sheen Bordeaux or Desert Gold pictures

    Here are some photos of Bordeaux pebblesheen sdkath....Bordeaux in the sunlight! Bordeaux PebbleSheen Pics... and Desert Gold (scroll down to posts by "natural_one" Anyone have Desert Gold Pebblesheen? Pics of our Pool with Desert Gold Pebble Sheen & Glass tile Pebble Sheen - Desert Gold -...
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    New Build In Mesa, Arizona

    Gorgeous Schnauzer!!
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    Remodel questions - Beadcrete ok to use? What about a Travertine tile deck?

    Re: Remodel questions - Beadcrete ok to use? What about a Travetine tile deck? We have pebbletec with "luminous" -- glass beads added. I like the mix of pebbles and glass beads best, personally, and am very happy with the finish.
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    Heater recommendations

    My raypac heat pump heats the pool 1/2 to 1 degree per hour and costs very little to run. I haven't noticed any uptick in the electric bill. But I do have an autocover on the pool, as I said. I would look into the cost of using a gas heater to keep a constant warm temp in the pool. I think it...
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    Heater recommendations

    We have a RayPac electric heat pump heater and love it. We keep it set to 80 but have only had it kick on a few times since March (yes March) to get it up to temp and then it holds pretty well at 86+ with the sun. We do have an autocover on the pool and close it at night if outdoor temps drop...
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    Finally, it is on! Southeast PA Build

    I love the shape!
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    Looking for a Builder in MD for IG Fiberglass

    I looked into getting a fiberglass pool and was impressed by River Pools last year. I spoke several times with them and they seemed very knowledgeable and honest. I also like the way they install their pools. I recommend going with a company that has a good (and verifiable) track record...
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    Looking to GC my shotcrete pool build in Maryland (MD)

    If you opt for a pebbletec finish, there is one installer (based in PA) that handles PA, MD, and VA. They did my pool and did a a great job. I can pm their name.
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    Remodel 1980s A&S Pool Northern Virginia

    Can you get away with only replacing the tile? If planning to sell this year, I recommend doing the least possible because you are unlikely to recover the money spent. I think the tile samples look like tiles from the 80s - which can be nice for a retro look but if looking to update the pool...
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    How to secure freestanding market umbrella

    We are in a windy area and discovered that our umbrellas blow over despite having 55lb bases. I just ordered/received weight bags (small bags to fill with sand) from Rhino: The bags hold 2 bags...
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    Laptop to use by the pool

    Ipad is not visible in the sun... at all. I work by the pool frequently and my Ipad, which I otherwise love, is useless outside unless there is shade. My lenovo thinkpad works pretty well outside.
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    Digging tomorrow, need quick depth recomendation lengths help!!

    I am 5'6 and am very happy with a 4ft shallow end. Our pool is 4 feet for about 1/2, 5ft for 1/4 and 6ft for 1/4 (40 feet long). I can stand anywhere except the deep end (on my toes at 5ft).
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    New Build - Long Island, NY

    I would not panic. Okay, I would panic (as I did when I also had some streaks etc in our pebbletec on day 2 after acid wash) but now that I have gone through it I know better :). Our streaks disappeared once the pool was filled and balanced (took a couple of weeks). In addition to streaks, we...
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    New Build - Long Island, NY

    Wow!!! That looks gorgeous already! Can't wait to see the final! Also, it looks like they did a great job on the auto cover well. Notching the bond beam like that will allow the cover to tuck away under the walkon (stone) lid.
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    looking for covered patio ideas

    We have a hunter green standing seam roof on part of our house and had a similar concern. FWIW, the roof color on the costco structure is a relatively neutral bronze-ish color and kind of blends. It also might be possible to have it powder-coat painted (for example by a local auto body shop).
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    looking for covered patio ideas

    We are in the process of building a gazebo/pavilion kit by Yardistry, available at Costco. We put up the frame last weekend and plan to do the roof next weekend. Our gazebo is 12x14 but sometimes they have ones that are 12x12. They are priced competitively and we are very happy with how it is...
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    about to sign contract. a few questions

    We have a raypac heat pump with a chiller (and Pentair for all other equipment; Pentair and its automation controllers are compatible with other brand heaters). Our heater/chiller is brand new (since March) but we are very happy with it so far. Our pool is in full sun and hit 91 this week with...
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    Laptop to use by the pool

    iPad screens are not visible in bright sun and the tablets overheat very easily (requiring them to be turned off and cooled down before using).
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    Heat pump comparison

    I have a raypac heat pump and love it.
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    Any glass tile survivors out there?

    Same here. We have glass waterline tile and no issues. Our pool is chlorine (not salt water) with a DE filter and we keep it balanced.
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    Help with Waterline Tile and Pebble Tec! Newbie!

    I have Tahoe blue. We love it, particularly because the color varies a lot depending on how much sunlight is hitting it. Also, when swimming, the color is very vibrant, similar to what you see snorkeling in tropical waters. Finally, it matches the arctic ice tile perfectly.
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    I'm panicking!!! Re: iridescent tiles????

    I think you will be glad to have the iridescent ones. I do not like flashy things but got iridescent glass tiles and am really glad we did not opt for the matte. The iridescent ones gleam in the sun and look much better, imo.
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    What's your current pool temp?

    90 degrees today