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    [FS] Super Max 3/4 HP Pump - PHK2RA6D101L

    Hi, I replaced the pump with a Pentair VS one and need to get rid of this one. The pump has been used only for a month (the pool was finished in March of this year). Asking $200 and a local pickup. I am located near Palm Beach Gardens in...
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    Recoomended max pump speed

    Hi, I am going to upgrade my single speed pump to a 100280 primarily because I want to skim bugs 24x7 and save some electricity. I have 2" plumbing. I am planning to run at 1,200-1,500 rpm depending on how well it works for skimming/SWCG. Should I limit the max speed to 2400-2800 during...
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    Which Test Kit?

    Hi, What other test do you have in mind ? I am going to take over pool maintenance next week from the PB, and was wondering about a better kit for someone whose color vision is not so good. Thanks !