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    Be careful!

    Wild Wings Accident Posting this as a reminder for all of us to be careful when using chlorine.
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    Pump motor wiring.

    What type of plug & outlet should be used for a pump motor? I believe the original motor was 1 hp but I'm currently using a 3/4 hp. I'm pretty certain the pool builder used an L5-30P plug. It's a 3 prong that you twist to lock in place, rated for 120V & 30 amps. The original plug & outlet show...
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    Pool Math

    Pool Math doesn't seem to putting in the suggested levels when I choose Trouble Free Pool. I don't recall ever having a problem with this. What could I be doing wrong?
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    Going batty

    Got home from work today & noticed something by the pool skimmer. Yep, it's a big fat bat hanging upside down from the coping. I left it alone so far but plan on evicting the varmint if it's still there tomorrow.
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    A couple Stenner questions.

    Here's my plan, wire a Stenner 45MPHP2 (fixed rate - 3 gallons per day) to run with the filter pump. I have the pump timer set to run 6 hours a day so the 45MPHP2 will put out 3/4 of a gallon or 96 ounces per day. I only need about 24 ounces so I'll add 3 gallons of water for every gallon of...
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    Concrete boat?

    This is going to be an expensive fix.
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    Thank you TFP

    I can't remember the last time it looked this good.
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    Re: SLAM question - Filtration and FC consumption

    Re: SLAM question - Filtration and FC consumption moved my Divin Dave Tim - Can you go into this some more. I'm not understanding why dead algae/insects are any better being in the filter than in the pool.
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    1st test with TF100

    PH looked a little lighter than 7.2 let's call it 7.1. I added 10 oz of soda ash. Chlorine with OTO showed 0 when drops were initial added a few minutes later showed around 2.5 FC might have showed a hint of pink, 1 drop & was clear - call it .5 CC 6 drops = 3.0 (I expected this to be higher)...