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    40K gallons coming tomorrow

    Finally getting a new liner tomorrow, can't wait! It's been a long first half of the summer without our pool. I'm getting enough salt (1000 lb) to bring the level up to 3000, and the pool company is on the hook to provide the rest of the chemicals. I'm supposed to bring a sample in for them...
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    Getting new liner in June, can I drain now?

    The pool water level has dropped down to where there's none in the shallow end and the deep end has only a few feet left. Before is becomes even more of a mess, can I drain it completely or will it cause problems? Inground, steel walls and vinyl liner.
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    Need a New Liner - What else?

    I'm going to be due for a new liner very soon. Does anyone have a recommendation for a company in the Rhode Island area? When I do replace it, is there anything else I should consider getting done at the same time? Is there any maintenance or nice-to-haves that are best done with the liner out?
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    Determine Sand Filter Make/Model to buy a new gasket

    My egg-shaped sand filter has a leak at the joint between the top and bottom halves. I assume it needs a new gasket, but I would need to know what filter I have to source the right part. Any idea how I can determine which filter I have?
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    New Season, which chemicals to replace?

    I use the TFT-100. Besides refills for chemicals that are running low, any recommendations for what nshould be replaced due to age if bought last year? Should I just plan on buying a complete set every year?
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    Check out pool Bulge

    :wave: I have a vinyl lining that's going to need to be replace in the next couple of years, I'm holding off as long as possible since it will be expensive to do. Have a few patches taht are all holding up just fine. In the meantime, theres a small section in the deep end, about 2-3 feet...
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    Best place to buy a new Salt Water Cell?

    My Hayward T-cell 15 is almost dead and I want to replace it now before I forget and try to open next year without it. Before I grab one off of Amazon, is there a better place to buy? Anyone known to sell them for cheap?
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    Green Pool this morning, Hot and Humid Party tomorrow... HELP!

    I'm afraid to even ask... My pool is green today, I can still see the bottom in the 9' deep end. I added bleach to bring it to a little over shock level today, here are my approximate numbers: CYA - 45 (Low for a salt water pool) FC - About 20-23 (was 13 when I checked, waiting for added...
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    SWG reads Salt ppm OK, but salt and cell lights flashing

    My SWG is reading 2700 ppm, min required is 2600, yet both the Low Salt and Check Cell lights are flashing. I inspected the cell, looked ok (but not sure what buildup on the plates really looks like), cleaned with acid anyway. Reinstalled everything and still have the same problem!
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    Return Jet Fountains vs PH and TA

    We just bought and installed PVC fountains on 2 of the 4 return jets. My PH (7.4) and TA (60) are good right now, they are just for aesthetics. Do I need to be concerned with how these aerate and possibly affect balance?
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    New M400, how do I sync bluetooth?

    Bought myself a nice birthday present! I downloaded the app but can't figure out how to sync the power supply to my phone through bluetooth. Is there a sync button on the power supply?
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    High filter pressure, just opened.

    The pressure gauge on my filter is high and staying in the 25-30 range, even during and after backwashes. Could this be due to the heavy algae? My pool is thick green, can barely see the middle step. I also just opened the pool to start filtering. All valves are open and plugs removed from...
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    Need help reading PH level

    I know my PH is high, but how do I figure out how high it is? Here are my numbers: CYA 45 FC 0 PH - see below TA 60 PH is high, so I think I need to take care of this before slamming, right? I've never needed to adjust the PH so advice would be helpful. The test result was very red, off the...
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    Starting SLAM! Green mess, high filter pressure and PH

    Here are my numbers: CYA 45 FC 0 PH - see below TA 60 The pressure gauge on my filter is high and staying in the 25-30 range, even during and after backwashes. Could this be due to the heavy algae? My pool is thick green, can barely see the top step. I also just opened the pool to start...
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    Could use some help for fixing a broken PVC (PICS)

    Hi All! :D I'm getting ready to open the pool, mostly to clean up a major algae issue that has developed. While I was adjusting valves on my plumbing, one of the old PVC components cracked and needs to be fixed before I put water back in the system. The TEE coming off the 3-way valve now has...
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    Broken ring around return jet inlet

    Hoping this isnt a major issue. How do I repair this? Do I just replace the ring and maybe a gasket?
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    Hole CHEWED in liner!

    Winter here in New England and my pool has a thick sheet of ice up to just below the top step on my in ground pool. I went to check on things a couple of days ago and there is a hole on the top step. Looks like a squirrel or something chewed right through the vinyl liner! Of course it started...
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    Leave cover off over winter?

    I'm in the northeast, snow on the ground as I type. I closed my pool but did not install a cover (large inground). Other than getting some leaves in the pool, are there any other reasons why leaving it uncovered is a bad idea?
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    This closing pool video is hilarious! :lol::lol::lol:
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    Newb! Mesh cover delivered to install, pool not closed yet, freezing temps this week!

    Hi all, I just received my blue wave mesh cover and I'm brand new to pool closing. I could really use some detailed advice for closing my pool. More urgently, the weather forecast calls for freezing temps on Friday (2 days). With daylight savings, I have even less time than usual after work...
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    How to shop for the right robot?

    I'm a little overwhelmed by the options out there, even just on the Dolphin site. Wish they had a better site for figuring out what I need for my pool size, etc. Any tips?
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    How much time do robot cleaners save?

    I'm probably going to buy a <$1000 robot cleaner, but before I do, I want to have an idea of how much time this is going to save me. I spend about 1-2 hours per weekend (2 hours+ this time of year) brushing and vacuuming my 20X40 (9' deep end) in ground salt water pool, vinyl lining. Can using...
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    Are tarp & water bag covers safe?

    I have a cover that looks kind of like this: Do these hold up at all if say a child walks out on to them? I'm afraid it would swallow them up but I haven't read anything to tell me one way or another how much of a concern this is.
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    Going robot... sell Polaris 360?

    My auxiliary pump died this summer, and rather than fix/replace it, I'm considering buying a new robot to take over cleaning duties. My polaris is in great shape, and worked really well when the pump was working. Is there much value for a used Polaris with extra bags and scrubbers? Does this...
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    Inground Winter Cover with Kids

    I'm considering a new pool cover this winter. The previous owner (I bought the house and pool this past spring) used a large tarp-like cover with water bags around the egdes to hold it in place. I had a heck of a time cleaning out all the leaves, muck and dirty water that collected on top of...
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    Booster Pump Died - What would you do?

    Hi guys. The booster pump for my polaris cleaner died and I'm trying to figure out my options. SWG 40K+ inground gallon pool with a sand filter. The main pump is working fine and the booster is only used for the polaris. I've confirmed the pump is getting power, and replaced the capacitor...
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    Need help getting started - Where to go from here

    Hi everyone- just getting my feet wet here and want to make sure I'm headed in the right direction. This is my first pool and I've been reading a ton on this site in the forums and pool school. Where I am now/What I've done: I bought a test kit (Leslie's similar to the K-2005 kit) but am...
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    Help identify this Aqua Rite SWG? Manual needed.

    Trying to find the right manual for this and I don't see a part number anywhere. Just trying to read up on the system and learn: Thanks!
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    Brand new guy here! Need a shopping list - Pool Pic included

    Hi all! :wave: Great forum! I just had the pool company open my 40' x 20' inground SWG vinyl lined pool last weekend. The winter cover was full of about a foot of water and leaves that they dumped in the pool when they opened it. They shocked (SLAM'd?) the pool and now the water is cloudy...