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  1. Schnozz

    Putting AGP on concrete patio

    Are you sure its 1/4" per foot?
  2. Schnozz

    Ladder mat

    This is the one I have from I'm close to 300 lbs. No wobble, No divot in the base with the ladder adapter kit for stability: LAK – Ladder Adapter Kit | Confer Plastics, Inc
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    Scaling on Vinyl Liner

    Try They're very professional. quick to help. Quick to ship...
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    Recommended AGP Ladder help!

    This is the one I have from I'm close to 300 lbs. No wobble, No divot in the base with the ladder adapter kit for stability:
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    Clean a used Intex Ultra XTR 16 x 32 before or after install?

    I agree. Your pool should be up and probably partially filled for stability while you scrub it. Mr. Clean MAGIC ERASER SPONGES have worked really well for cleaning the top rail of my Ultra Frame with no damage to the liner.. It takes a little elbow grease, buy it's worth the effort.
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    Placement/Location of through wall skimmer Intex Ultra Frame

    I floated plastic water bottle caps and gallon milk jug caps, which were easier to keep track of because they’re brightly colored as opposed to the water bottle caps which are white. I tried the return eye pointed in a couple different directions and also floated the caps with the pump off and...
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    Placement/Location of through wall skimmer Intex Ultra Frame

    Getting ready to install a through wall skimmer in my Intex Ultra Frame Pool. Does it make any difference where I mount the skimmer? Other than the obvious problem of having to plug the two original suction openings on the 24’ side of the pool liner and cutting another opening in the liner for...
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    Sprung a leak, surprise easy-peazy repair

    Well, I got a call today that one of the hoses on my Intex Pool spring a leak..:oops: My wife and son-in-law tried Teflon tape!! Like magic, we have a temporary Leak repair. Just thought I’d share..
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    Actual Amp Draw

    Perfect.. thanks and good to hear from you
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    New Pentair Pump and Cartridge Filter-Plumbing

    JamesW: Thank you. I remembered having this plumbing / pump filter duscussion a couple years ago with pooldv and mas985. I found the thread this morning When I made the original purchase, I was informed that the Pentair pumps are rated on the high side when it comes to HP. This 2HP pump is more...
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    Actual Amp Draw

    I'm installing the electrical run for the following: CARTRIDGE FILTER/PUMP-Pentair 2HP/2SP Pump & 150sqft Cartridge Filter PNCC0150OP2160 (Optiflo pump by Pentair) According to the Pentair brochure, at high speed the amp draw is 16.4 and the low speed draw is 4.4 amp. Is that on startup or...
  12. Schnozz

    New Pentair Pump and Cartridge Filter-Plumbing

    JamesW: POOL-12 x 24 x 52 Intex Ultra Frame AGP, 8400 Gal CARTRIDGE FILTER/PUMP-Pentair 2HP/2SP Pump & 150sqft Cartridge Filter PNCC0150OP2160 More like the attached image??
  13. Schnozz

    New Pentair Pump and Cartridge Filter-Plumbing

    Jimrahbe: Looking again at my diagram, would it be better not to split the return side plumbing even though I split the suction side? I read earlier today in a plumbing thread that there should be more suction lines that return lines, especially if all the plumbing is the same size...What say...
  14. Schnozz

    New Pentair Pump and Cartridge Filter-Plumbing

    The two way valves are simply shut off valves to isolate the pump and filter...probably not necessary, but I like the idea of a valve between the pump and the filter. So, you think 1-1/2 inch from the pump and filter, upsize to 2 inch supply and 2 inch return underground, then 1-1/2 inch at the...
  15. Schnozz

    What keeps water out of Intex sliding corners?

    I believe, The water will never get into the leg. First of of all, there’s a white plastic fitting on the top of “u” leg that Connects the “u” leg to the top rail. Second, The holes in the top rail where “u” leg connects face down. Any water that gets in the top rail through the sliding corner...
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    New Pentair Pump and Cartridge Filter-Plumbing

    Howdy all!! I'm back and up and running with Balanced water after installing a new liner. Time to get back to work.... Does this drawing work for the install of my new Pentair Pump & Cartridge Filter? (See Signature). Do I need 2" Plumbing to supply service to the pool or will 1-1/2" work for...
  17. Schnozz

    AGP Intex 16x32 Conversion to Hard PVC Plumbing

    Soberanes6...check out the thread by cowboycasey from about three years ago, I think. They did a bang-up job on the install and hard plumbing, and deck for their 16 x 32 Intex Ultra Frame. Pictures, parts, Problem solving. It’s a good read..
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    Getting ready to hard plumb my 12 x 24 Intex Ultra Frame (Just purchased a new liner.) and install a Pentair pump and 150 sqft cartridge filter. Can anyone tell me. The fitting through the liner is 1-1/2 thread inside and outside the pool and the Black portion with the white slip fitting is to...
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    Intex 32x16x52 Intex Rect Pool - pavers spacing?

    This may help.....
  20. Schnozz

    Help pool frustrating

    Kate138: Trust the advice from TFP. They walked/talked me through my first year and an issue or two since then. The advice here is solid....Bob
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    Intex 16x32 New Install - Pavers & Dimensions questions

    Try This Diagram from Intex...
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    Newbie needs advice for set up of Intex 16 x 32 pool.

    We have a 12 x 24 Ultra Frame. We poured a five inch concrete slab with 1/2" rebar placed in a square pattern, and set the pool on it. A competent concrete worker could verify this for you. You are correct, it is much easier to setup and take down. Leveling was a breeze and there is no changes...
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    Paver distance measurements for Intex 16 x 32 AGP - Just starting

    Try this - - - Updated - - - Forgot to attach the image.. my apologies
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    New Here - pool set up questions

    Our 12x24 Intex Ultra Frame is set on a concrete slab. We used the interlocking floor mat fatigue pads from Harbor Frieght on the concrete. We then taped all the interlocking joints with gorilla tape. Between the fatigue mats and the pool liner we used a Gorilla pad. The floor is firm but not...
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    Cloudy I guess I have to wait.

    Could it be you need to SLAM. I just went through this last week. My water had gotten cloudy. I Tried cleaning the filter and running the pump/filter for about 5 days straight. The cloudiness remained, but my test numbers were all within acceptable limits. Then I did an OCLT and discovered I...
  26. Schnozz

    Inlet outlet sag

    Welcome: I attached mine to the legs with zip ties. Seems to work fine...
  27. Schnozz

    Intex Vac Problems

    Intex 28001E Automatic Above Ground Pool Cleaner
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    Intex Vac Problems

    Cosmic Miami.... I don't connect the vacuum line to the skimmer. I disconnect the skimmer from the suction port it is connected to, change the hose adapter to accept the smaller vacuum hose (the hose for the skimmer is larger than the vacuum hose) and bypass the skimmer all together. On the...
  29. Schnozz

    Pool Math........The App

    Got a late start this year due to kitchen remodel and a concrete patio pour. So, I've only been up and running since the second week on July. I've been using the app for iOS on my phone the entire time. Very impressive. Good work to the to the hard working TFP'ers constructing the app. This is...
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    suggestions for a lockable ladder for a intex 24 foot

    We use the Confer Plastics A-Frame 7200 with the locking feature as well. We saw the dog, a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, climbing to get in one day, so now we roll down the cover when we get out. I'm a little on the large size and it felt a little unstable so I purchased the extension kit...