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  1. Jon123

    Pool Math - notes on results feature request

    It would be great if when entering in test results that were a notes field as well so that we don’t have to create two “separate entries” when really the notes are directly associated with the test results.
  2. Jon123

    Pool math - support custom ranges?

    First off, I love the app! I have an indoor pool though and some of the recommended ranges are outside where it seems to be really recommended: Chlorine too high - SWG, indoor pool It would be great if either the app had an “indoor” setting, or let us save custom ranges for each measurement...
  3. Jon123

    Chlorine too high - SWG, indoor pool

    Hey all (and I suppose I should at least try to page @chem geek ) 20k gal SWG, indoor pool. My last test results (TF-100): FC 12.5 CC 0.5 pH 7.2 TA 200 CH 300 CYA 65 SALT 3600 TEMP 79F With that out of the way, the FC had shot up from 5.0 to 12.5 after a few weeks of not being used, but with...
  4. Jon123

    Solar Install - Pressure question

    Hi all... The previous homeowner had 4 "SunHeater" 2' x 20' panels they left behind, but not hooked up. The system is plumbed for them, so I figured I'd try getting them going again. I did a quick test with a garden hose to see if they were leaking, and the water was going through them without...
  5. Jon123

    Hard brown/rusty flakes?

    Any ideas what these are/what’s causing them? This is the first time I’ve really had the pool open since owning it. I’m not sure if these may be coming from the heater (haven’t experimented yet). I can see the flakes inside the SWG, but that is plumbed directly after the heater, so it could be...
  6. Jon123

    Another indoor pool guy

    Hi everyone... I didn't notice the introduce yourself forum first and had posted over here (would still love some opinions!). We're in Massachusetts and bought a home with an old indoor pool (~20k gallons) that really isn't meant to be one. I think I've got the water chemistry down as of today...
  7. Jon123

    Faux Indoor Pool - Renovation Recommendations

    Hey all... We're looking for some ideas on what we should do here. We're open to most anything, but we're leaning towards keeping the pool if it makes sense to do so. So, we bought a house last year that has an "indoor" pool. I am using quotes here because, as much as the pool is located...