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    Question about SWCG and Hayward Prologic

    Our previous pool had Omnilogic and a SWCG and the chlorinator was set as a separate setting in the automation (i.e. chlorinator was set to run 8hrs at 30% while the filter was set to run 10). Our new pool (we moved to another state) has Prologic (I never used all the bells and whistles of...
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    Wrapping up construction/plumbing questions

    We're finally nearing the home stretch on our pool build. This is our second pool build as we unfortunately had to move just 2 years after our last build. Were just waiting on plaster and fill (which is happening this week) and we'll be done! We've had a few issues which has me questioning the...
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    Recommendations for pool builders in the Melbourne, Florida area

    We're moving and leaving our beautiful pool we've only had for a little over 2 years (the move was not something we were anticipating) and we just signed a contract on a new home in Melbourne, FL we'll be closing on soon. Only problem is it doesn't have a pool. Anyone have any...
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    Xylene safe on fiberglass shell?

    We had our coping sealed and there are some unsightly drips down our fiberglass shell. Just wondering if xylene is a safe way to take it off the shell.
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    Thinking about adding borates

    Anybody add them and regret it? I've been curious about trying them in my pool. My pH seems pretty stable already despite SWCG and spillover aeration, but I like chemistry, so it sounds like something I could fiddle with.
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    Any specific order to correct chemistry?

    I kept up with chlorine and pH over the winter in my pool, but it has been just too cold to run the whole gamut of TF-100 over the winter. Just finally started to get a couple warm days together. TA is 30 CH is 100 CYA is 50 Everything else is okay. Can I add bicarbonate, calcium carbonate...
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    What's more accurate for testing salt level?

    We've had a ton of rain lately and I've had to drain a lot of water from the pool. Finally have temps high enough for the SWCG, but now it's saying low salt. The Hayward T15 says I'm at 2200 ppm, but a test strip (from the TFP ordering site) reads 1700... That's quite a bit of a difference...
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    Spillover valve won't close

    Went to hop in our spa today (we're in the mid-60s after a month of single digits!) and noticed the spillover was running after I turned on the spa to heat. I figured the valve just didn't kick off, so I went to check (we use Hayward Omnilogic controls) and the valve looked like it was off. I...
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    Advice for winter

    Not sure if this was the right subforum to post this in, so apologies if it isn't. We just had our inground fiberglass pool installed this summer. We decided not to close the pool, so I'm coming for advice. I live in Memphis, so we don't usually get really cold, but we had a cold front that is...
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    CYA went up?

    We just got a ton of rain from the remnants of Harvey and I had to drain a bunch of water to keep the level in my inground fiberglass pool below the top of the skimmers last night. I cleaned the pool this morning and let everything circulate for a few hours and then decided to test all the...
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    Question about differences on site and PoolMath app

    I've been using the Trouble Free Pool app to manage my chemical balance for my pool. However, the app is giving different recommendations for FC than the pool school article "Water Balance for SWG". That article lists FC should be 4-6 ppm with CYA of 70-80, etc. I have everything but the CYA at...
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    New pool - advice for pump settings and SWCG

    We just had our pool finished and the pool builder gave us a pretty thorough crash course last Friday. The only things I'm still uncertain about are how often/what speed/when to run the filter pump and what settings the SWCG needs to be at. The PB just told us that we need to check the chlorine...