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  1. Niksicle

    Complicated situation regarding mustard algae

    I'll try to make this as short as possible while still giving all relevant information. Got my pool in early April and even with two birthday parties with way more kid in the pool than I've ever had before, I've had no issues with it or chemistry until now. We recently had 9 days in a row of...
  2. Niksicle

    Hayward Skimmer on Intex install

    Hey guys and gals! Niksicle's husband here. (Krisicle? Meh, I'll work on it) So through the help from this forum and googling a lot, we installed the skimmer to our 20 ft Intex pool, and so far it has been wonderful. What we noticed was a lot of people here went to their hardware store, got...
  3. Niksicle

    Can you use an inground pool pump/sand filter on AGP?

    Newbie here, obviously. We bought our house about 6 months ago. The previous owners buried the inground pool that was here about 3 months before we bought the house. (Sucks!!) They said it could be restored easily and we may do that eventually, but for now, we went out and bought an Intex...