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    Pool levels question

    Hi, can I get some opinions on my levels? They're currently: FC 4.5 pH 8.0 CH 525 TA 90 CYA 50 I need to get a thermometer, but I'm guessing the water temp. is around 65-70F? In that case, I think the CSI is around .52? It seems my CH is getting high and should I be concerned about the CSI? I...
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    First test results with TF-100 kit

    Hi all, I just got my TF-100 kit, and here are my results: pH 7.4 FC 2 CYA 50-55 TA 70-80 TC/CC It stayed clear - 0? CH 500 We had quite a bit of rain yesterday and the pool is now overfilled, I think I should drain it down to normal and then add chlorine? I'm still not sure on the size of...
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    New house with pool, lots of questions

    Hi, I just purchased a new home that has a built in pool and spa. I'm completely new to owning a pool and I hope to do the maintenance myself, but I think I need to learn a lot first. I tested the water with a basic pool test kit and it showed the pH to be about 8 I think and the chlorine...