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  1. esim13

    New stock tank....

    I just set up a stock tank pool. My numbers from yesterday are: FC 15 pH 8 TA 140 CH 0 CYA 0 Just tested FC this morning and it's back to 0. My questions are... in Pool Math what should I set the pool type to be? Galvanized is not an option. How long is Muriatic Acid good for? I have a...
  2. esim13

    New stock tank pool

    Hello everyone! It's been quite a few years since I've been by. Long story short.. I moved and the new place didn't have a pool :( BUT, last weekend I set up my new stock tank pool! Yay me!! (Just need to change my signature now.) It's the common 8' by 2' , 700 gallon size. I need a few...
  3. esim13

    raising pH using fountain

    What can I expect when trying to raise pH using this fountain?
  4. esim13

    helping a friend... how many gallons?

    Hello all, I'm trying to help a friend convert to the BBB method. She plans on ordering her test kit tonight so for today we used mine to get starting numbers. FC 6.5 CC 1 ph 7.5 TA 130 CH 20 CYA 60 Her pool is kidney shaped with a deep end for diving. How to I determine pool size and/or...
  5. esim13

    Is my pump dead? help

    Hello all! Everything has been running fine up until yesterday. We had a bad storm come through early in the morning. The power flickered on and off a few times before I left for work. When I left it was back on but it was raining so hard that when I did my usual pool lookout I couldn't even...
  6. esim13

    TA,pH Low? And other questions

    Current readings: FC - 0 CC - 0 ph - 7.0 TA - 30 (burgundy looking), 40 (bright red) CYA 20? (stopped even with the top of the vial and couldn't see dot) A little background... I'm usually very thorough at keeping my chems in check. About a month ago my tubing from top of filter to pump sprang...
  7. esim13

    Weekly Sunday testing... Questions

    I have a K-2006 test kit. Here are my numbers... FC - 2.5 (just added enough to get back to 7) CC - 0 pH - 7.2 TA - 40 CH - 50 CYA - 50... here's the question, I ran out of solution. I filled tube to the 7 mark and had enough solution to fill halfway between 7 and 14 and it still came out 50...
  8. esim13

    Sun and shocking

    Part 1: A little background first... Pool started clouding up Thursday. Had 4 swimmers Thursday evening. Left early Friday morning to go RVing. Came home late yesterday, pool still a bit cloudy with a hint of green. Algae is starting! Time to shock. Went to Wally World and loaded up on...
  9. esim13

    2 speed pump good price

    I'm looking into getting a 3/4 hp 2 speed and I found this one... ... Speed.html Just thought I'd spread the word since so many are looking into 2 speeds.
  10. esim13

    Do I need a new pump...

    or is something replaceable to get it running? I've been running it 24/7 because when I turn it off it takes a while to start up again. It turns on immediately but the "pump action" doesn't start for a few seconds. I had it on a timer but was scared it wouldn't turn on correctly. Well...
  11. esim13

    Pump not pushing water

    Good morning guys! Let the season begin!! I've come home twice this week and have had barely any water flow out of the return. Pump was running, sounded normal. Pressure was around 17. It is usually at 11. I backwashed after vacuuming last weekend. So I didn't think it was that. On both...
  12. esim13

    Bleach Sale South Louisiana

    I'm not sure if this is the correct place to post this or not but here goes... Denham Springs, LA - New Albertson's has 96 oz. of Homelife Bleach 6% on sale for $.88 a bottle. I'm not sure of the quality but it is 6% so I'm going to give it a try. Wish me luck!!
  13. esim13

    Filter size?

    How can I determine my filter size? I'm considering purchasing the PENTAIR DYNAMO 3/4 HP 2 SPEED. So I started looking at my filter size but I can't see any markings to determine it's size. None of the holes are punched at the 16 18 or 22 mark. Here's a pic of the panel Thanks!
  14. esim13

    Pool to pond

    I was searching online and came across this pool to pond conversion website. Just thought I'd share...
  15. esim13

    Possible air leak?

    Today when I turned the system back on after backwashing I noticed the cover over the basket chamber tighted up but immediately lost suction. I could see the cover suck in then loosen. It still seems tight, and doesn't leak when system is off. Could this be that the gasket needs replacing?
  16. esim13

    Test Results and MA question

    I live down south in Louisiana and I do not close my pool. It has been running 24/7 since we started with our 'Winter' temps. We had very few nights below freezing. Although I did not close the pool, I did not test during the 'Winter'. The water has been fairly clear (not sparklypoolitis tho)...
  17. esim13

    Test Kit and chemical Expiration

    Is there a certain 'rule of thumb' to determine expiration of chemicals in test kits? I have the K-2006 box, purchased Summer 2010. They are kept closed and inside a cabinet in the house. Thanks!!!
  18. esim13

    Video post

    I have a video uploaded to photobucket. How do I post it?
  19. esim13

    Multiport leaking

    So the pump and filter are now in their new location. Here's the good and the bad.. I enlisted the help of a few neighbor guys to help move it bc no one around had a dolly. Well low and behold they moved it by lifting at the mulitport valve. :shock: Everything looks fine, nothing appears out...
  20. esim13

    Help - bubbles, girgles, cracks!!!

    I just finished starting up my system after replumbing yesterday. Here's what I've found... I have short videos of the girgling but I don't know how to attach them. I know there's obviously air in the system.. is the air coming from those cracks? if so, what to do? is the air coming...
  21. esim13

    DIY Outdoor Shower

    Has anyone made their own outdoor shower? I'm brainstorming ideas... basically I was thinking of making something that I could hook the hose up to, to have to rinse off and/or wash hair after swimming. Any ideas???
  22. esim13

    Today's Numbers are... please advise

    FC 3.5 CC .5 pH 7.6 or 7.8 was reading it inside under fluorescent lights TA 80 or 90 looked away to wipe tip and when I looked back it was light pink (80). I added one more drop and it turned to a more fuscia color (90). I'm assuming I should go with 80 and not count the #9 drop?!?!?! I...
  23. esim13

    Friend's Numbers, please advise

    :wave: My friend is trying to start the BBB. Here are her pool store numbers (I'm trying to convince her to get the k-2006 since that's what I use): FC 2.6 CC .1 TC 2.7 pH 6.8 TA 0 CH 0 CYA 7 She has an AG 21' round. This is the same as what I have so I know it's 10,400 gallons. Here's what...
  24. esim13

    ??s about moving sand filter

    I will soon be moving my sand filter and pump to it's new location. My questions are these... On moving the sand filter, do I just drain the water out, use a hand truck and whirl it away to it's new location? What do I have to be careful of? We're going on 3rd summer with current sand so I...
  25. esim13

    How do my numbers look?

    I had CYA issues but I think I'm back under control. I just wanted to check to make sure all looks good. FC 3.5 CC 0 pH 7.6 TA 90 CH 130 CYA 40 I've had 3 pucks in floater for the past week to try to increase CYA from 30. I haven't added any bleach until today when it dropped to 3.5...
  26. esim13

    CYA dropped, WHAT?

    hey guys and gals, So I've been trying to keep pool at shock level these last few days as recommended on earlier post. It's been tough - I teach Kindergarten, it's the last few weeks of school, everything going on, sinus infection to boot - I'm exhausted. BUT - Today is Friday!! which has given...
  27. esim13

    Latest numbers and FC question

    After a brief 3 person swim, I ran my numbers and here's what I got: FC 2.5 CC 0 pH 7.6 TA 100 CH 150 I test FC and pH daily. My FC usually drops 3-4ppm a day. I try to keep my target at 7 (CYA tested 60 a few weeks ago.) So I'm adding roughly 2 quarts a day. My pool is in full sun but I...
  28. esim13


    This is my 1st year to do the BBB method. For the past 4 weeks, at least, I've been going to the local Wally World and they have been pretty much out of regular bleach, Chlorox and Great Value! I have never noticed the lack of bleach at this time of year before. I stand there, in the aisle...
  29. esim13

    When do you shock?

    I've read Pool School, I've read 'How to Shock' but when do you shock? I'm just a bit confused because my chlorine is holding over night and hasn't dropped more than 1ppm, my CC is 0 and my water looks great, I guess I'm just wondering if everything stays like this can I go weeks without...
  30. esim13

    Numbers and Questions

    Today's numbers are: FC 1 CC 0 pH 7.6 TA 110 CH 130 CYA 50 or 60 I was out of town for the weekend so I didn't get a chance to pick up some more bleach. That will be taken care of tomorrow. I've added the muratic acid suggested by pool calculator. Here are my questions.. 1. Should I continue...