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    Polaris 9550 does not work when submerged in water. Works on leslies diagnostics

    Hi Folks, I got a used 9550. It works at leslies with their dignostics tool. All 4 wheels spin. and teh controller checks out as good. When submerged in water I get ER10 code on teh controller, and the cleaner wont move. Per leslie it seems that the sensor that detects present...
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    Polaris 280 w Intelliflo VS pump and without Booster pump

    Hi Folks, Trying to bypass the booster pump and run the 280 directly off the Intellflo 2 VST Variable Speed pump (VSP). Here is the experimental setup and results. Thoughts and guidance appreciated. The return from the intelliflo to filter was disconnected. (have a union...
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    Hello from Pleasanton CA.

    New to TFP and relatively new to pool ownership and very new to pool self maintenance. Have a 16' x32' inground figure 8 pool, w 1.5" plumbing, an intermatic dual timer box, a FNS60 filter, an older AO smith booster pump, Polaris 280 cleaner and an unused (cost prohibitive) Teledyne Lar's...