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  1. mhouser007

    Another drain pool thread...

    Since taking over the maintenance of my pool I have been struggling to keep the algae away. I have been through the SLAM process successfully twice now as a result of yellow algae. I have been diligently brushing and vacuuming the pool and cleaning the filter. As per the Chlorine / CYA chart I...
  2. mhouser007

    On my own!

    Pool person quit. Going to do my own maintenance. Below are the numbers from today that I took myself using Taylor K-2006 kit. Pool store told me yesterday when I had them test a sample that TDS = 3200 and nitrates are at 40 and recommended I drain the pool. There is something yellow on the...
  3. mhouser007

    On my own.

    The individual maintaining my pool quit. Going to go it on my own. Yellow algae in pool. Bought a test kit, went to Leslie’s lol. I’m off to the races. How complicated could it be?